Why is belly fat so incredibly hard to get rid of?

Excess belly fat is one of the most frustrating problems most people come across today. It seems that no matter how much dieting and exercise we do; nothing helps to get rid of it.

Most people suspect that belly fat is a result of bad eating only. The problem is, food is just one of the causes, but hormones are the most critical factor. The correct balance of hormones, proper diet and exercise is the only way to combat belly fat. Let’s get into some more detail below:

Five key factors that reduce belly fat faster

  1. Cutting calories is not the answer. The most dangerous kind of belly fat is found in the surrounding organs, which can cause a beer belly or paunch. Having more massive amounts of belly fat is mostly influenced by hormone imbalances. The good news is that belly fat can be burnt off relatively fast, by triggering a better balance of your hormones. Avoiding low calories is key as our bodies react quite differently to various foods, and restricting them can harm our health, moods and our general wellbeing. This can cause even more distress, such as a rise in cortisol. By creating a balance, cortisol can help us burn more body fat. The best positive effect is the result of exercise. When we train, cortisol is elevated, but insulin is low, and we activate some crucial hormones that burn stored body fat (belly fat). This environment can be halted by eating high carb food and drinks before working out. Any insulin spikes will suspend the bodies fat-burning abilities. The same is also true if you plan your meals around food that create a high insulin release. That means refined carbs and sugars. The cycle continues between refined foods and belly fat accumulation.
  2. Your best bet with exercise is to weight train, which allows the muscles to become a lot more sensitive to insulin. You can help this along by cutting out refined carbs and sugars, opting for whole foods, high-quality protein and vegetables. Keep those carbs low and focus on high fibre options like sweet potato and oats.
  3. Trying intermittent fasting Fasting has been found as one form of an eating plan that helps to reduce belly fat and fight inflammation, mainly by controlling your insulin. It also assists you in keeping your metabolism elevated and retain muscle mass. Fasting has been the number one way to reduce belly fat and help maintain that fat loss for longer durations. The caveat is that you must follow this way of eating for life, to gain the benefits. Belly fat isn’t the only thing that fasting benefits; it also increases the rate of cell regeneration, which leads to greater longevity and help combat the signs of ageing. It’s very healthy for us all to have bouts of fasting regularly. Over time, your insulin will be a lot more stable, you will begin to lose that stored body fat, and your body will finally use fat stores for energy, instead of keeping them. It’s a winning situation on many aspects.
  4. Choose a quality protein and consume with all your meals. High-quality protein has been proven time and time again to create lean muscle mass, reduce belly fat and keep your energy stable and consistent during the day. For those that train hard, or are over the age of 40, must eat more protein on a daily basis, in order to stop muscle catabolising (which is a normal function as we age). This will be more apparent for those who exercise for long durations. When you feel the need for a snack during the day, instead of heading towards the low density, carb-filled muffin, try eating some eggs, or perhaps chicken breast. You will notice an instant change in your mood, and feel a lot more energetic as a result of eating protein. Remember that nutritional choices are in your own hands, and if you want to lose belly fat, changing our diet is the key aspect of this exercise. Once this happens, hormone levels will start to balance; therefore, fat burning can take place. One cannot change without the other.
  5. Fats help reduce belly fat and improve your insulin too. Many people eliminate fat because of its high caloric rate. But did you know that certain fats help people lose belly fat? Fats such as omega-three fatty acids in salmon, have been proven to improve your insulin sensitivity, and promote more burning of glucose for energy – and at a highly efficient rate. Fatty acids also help to reduce cortisol levels, which leads to an improved mood and better body composition. Include foods such as salmon, avocado, cold-pressed olive oil, coconut oil, fresh seafood.

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