Five Low Carb Success Secrets You May Not Have Realised For Weight Loss

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These small things could be holding you back big time

I see it everywhere — evidence that low-carb diets are very effective for weight loss. I am a testament to this, as I have tried the common carb pathway, which has worked very well. But the problem is that the weight loss begins to stop once you get to a specific set point. That’s when things can become very frustrating and, perhaps, diminish your confidence enough to throw in the towel. Let’s look at some reasons why you may not be experiencing results on a low-carb diet.

Five secrets you didn’t realise for efficient low-carb lose weight.

One: You can’t see the results, but they are happening

Weight loss is never consistent. You may find that the scales go down some days, and suddenly they go up again. We tend to lose water weight during the first week of low-carb dieting; then, it slows down after this phase. You may have increased your weight if you are lifting weights and building some muscle mass. If you want to measure fat loss accurately, I encourage you to use a Dexa scan or electrical assessment form. Other people like to take photos of themselves, note how they feel, and monitor their clothing. These are clear indicators of weight loss too.

Two: You aren’t cutting back on the carbs enough

Some people are a lot more sensitive to carbs than others. When your weight loss begins to stagnate, the idea is to reduce the number of carbs further in your diet or, better still, use carb cycling. Increasing your protein and veggies is another great option. You can easily track your food’s carb content using a diary or tracker. My fitness pal is great, but others on the market work just as well. Keep in mind that when you begin restricting foods, it can create some health complications. It’s best to discuss any concerns with your doctor or nutritionist.

Three: You may be stressed

During the pandemic, there was considerable concern about our mental health. The stress of being isolated and suddenly slashing our activity in half played a significant part in our state of mind. Higher stress levels keep our body in the “flight or fight” state, increasing the amount of cortisol in the blood. As you know, cortisol is a significant inhibitor of fat burning. Chronic cortisol levels daily can increase feelings of hunger and cravings for junk foods. When you are in a stressful event or situation, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, and journaling are essential to managing your stress.

Four: You are eating too many nuts as your fat source

Nuts are unique, and they are a great snack — but going overboard is going to stop your weight loss. I know — this is my most significant downfall in dieting! Nuts have a high energy density, so you can eat loads without feeling full! This is very dangerous because, as you know, it’s hard to stop eating them once you start. So stick with smaller portions, and put them in a sealable bag. Once you eat that serving, don’t allow yourself to have any more. Mix your nuts with low-carb veggies or berries to increase your satiety levels.

Five: You lack sleep

Sleep is essential for overall health. Study upon study has made it very clear — lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and obesity. Lack of sleep can also make you feel hungry, tired, less motivated and more likely to eat junk foods. If you think you have a sleep disorder, more often than not, it’s completely treatable. Be sure to speak with your local GP. Here are some essential tips to help you improve your sleep:

  1. – No caffeine after 2 pm
  2. – Sleep in darkness
  3. – Don’t exercise 2 hours before sleep (unless it’s meditation or yoga)
  4. – Read before you sleep. This helps relax the body
  5. – Try going to bed at a similar time every night

As you can see from this list, sometimes it’s not just nutrition that needs some tweaking — it’s also our lifestyle. Treating the body holistically rather than just as a single entity is essential. So there are many things to consider to get those weight loss results effectively. I do hope this has helped you.

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