A Quick 5 Step Plan To Keep You Motivated Towards Your Weight Loss Goal

When things get tough, keep this handy to motivate you forward

 We all know that weight loss can be challenging, and it’s even more challenging to stay motivated long term. A few things have helped me keep going over the years, especially getting over that set point we all experience. This is the one point along the journey when you probably want to give up. You do everything right, yet nothing happens. 

But, these small yet mightly tips will help to keep you moving towards the body you’ve always wanted.

One: Have a goal

If I don’t have a goal, I can’t see what’s ahead of me. I feel like the ship is taking me to a dead end. And that’s the truth. Why do you want to lose weight? Why don’t you like the way you look right now? Ask yourself these critical questions, and get down to the core of your answer. You don’t have to share your goal with anyone, but it’s essential to know WHY you want to do this. 

Two: What do you need to change in your life to get there?

This one will be the food you eat and the activity you do. Sit down with a personal trainer for one hour, and make a list of what you need to change and start. Maybe you will need to look for better recipes, shop in a different supermarket, and it might mean joining the gym. Whatever it is, get someone to help you that knows what changes will work best to fast track your results. 

Three: Keep doing something every day

We can’t always give it our all, eat impeccably or sleep for 10 hours a day. But that doesn’t matter, because what I want you to do, is something every day. That can be one thing like walking to work, eating salad for lunch or maybe even a weights class at lunchtime. One thing is all it takes to keep you going and make you feel like you’re still in the game. You will always be in the game if you keep trying every day. 

Four: Stay committed to your goal even when you don’t see results

Now, some people may say that if results don’t come, they have to change something. Well, that’s probably not accurate. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for most people to see their weight loss results take form. So I always say give it a good 3–4 months of pure commitment. Tweak your nutrition, exercise and try to stay stress-free. Do what you’re supposed to do every single day — and stick to it. 

Five: Don’t cheat yourself

Be honest every single day — are you doing everything possible to get to your goal? For example, did you eat some junk food seven days in a row? Did you skip a gym session or pretend you were too unwell to go for a run? We all play a part in self-sabotaging our journey towards happiness. Mankind is so indifferent to themselves and will deliberately do the wrong thing to bypass success. If you can stop to realise this as you go along, you can quickly turn the corner and make progress. Be honest with yourself — because you can lie to everyone else, but letting yourself down is the ultimate heartbreak. 

Guys, it can be a challenging and long journey — but it’s one where you will discover what you’re made of. So do this for yourself, your health, and know that you deserve better and lead the most abundant life possible. Keep in touch

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