Five essential ways women can use weight training to lose body fat

Weight training is not the usual route people take for weight loss — but it’s one of the best strategies you could use

I know it’s not unusual for people to resort to a cardio machine to lose weight.  I see it all the time in the gym, and I was one of those people who would rush to the cardio area, never looking in the direction of the metal plates. That confined space was reserved for muscle-bound guys who would grunt and moan like a mule and stare at themselves in the mirror throughout the whole time. Hands up to anyone that thought the same thing -I know you’re out there! But in all seriousness, here, I was missing out for years. This was indeed the way to bypass those endless hours spent on cardio machines, still flabby and skinny fat. I was never happy with how I looked, and I would admire all the women who had an athletic body with a chiselled shape. That’s what I wanted to look like — yet I was doing the wrong thing. Perhaps you are at odds with weights, thinking it may force your body to become somewhat “big” or maybe “bulky” and will lose your feminine shape. But, let me tell you, weights will enhance your femininity and leave you with a gorgeous and tight figure. The figure you can be proud of in tighter closes and perhaps, something a little more revealing! Hint hint!

One: Always pick the challenging movements over the easy ones

I know you will become sore, and it’s annoying — but think of how much this small thing will fast track your results! Ladies, you all should do the following as often as possible:

  • Deadlift
  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Step-ups
  • Bench pressing
  • Rows

Multi-joint (that’s the specific term used) engage more than one joint at a time.  As a result, you will be getting a lot more out of your workout, shape tone and burn more body fat than you would use exercises like lateral raises and bicep curls. 

Two: Don’t be afraid to get a coach or train with someone knowledgable

This is what I did. I picked a personal trainer based on how he looked and the results he got for people. Yes, it was expensive, but the accumulated wealth of knowledge has served me now and beyond becoming a personal trainer. 

Although I’m not a PT full time, I have the knowledge, skills, and know-how to transform my own body and that of anyone else.

If you don’t know them well, an excellent way to pick a trainer is to observe how they train and teach others. 

For example, do they look on the phone, or are they engaged with their client? If they are, you have a winner. But, on the other hand, if they are scrolling on Instagram, find someone else!

Three: Don’t rest for too long in between exercises

Go to the gym (or train at home etc.) with a mission to do your very best in the shortest amount of time possible. Always use good form, but women have the upper hand to recover a lot faster than men. This is where we have a little bit more hormonal push than men. So we, women, can power through the exercises and get onto the next one. Only allow a rest period of about 30 seconds and up to a minute, producing the most growth hormone potential. This aids in building muscle and fat burning. This hormone is released a lot more readily than men (so take advantage of that one lady). If you are not that fit just yet, don’t worry. Use about 1–2 minutes rest instead. As you become a lot more knowledgeable in weight training, slowly shave a few seconds here or there. 

Four: Protein

To build muscle. We have to have lifted both heavy and lighter weights, and we must eat enough protein. You don’t have to eat vast amounts of meat either — so vegans don’t get discouraged here. There is a multitude of plant protein sources and a lot of plant-based protein powders. 

One way I get more protein in my diet is to mix and match my protein with oats in the morning, smoothies and focus on eating the wealthiest sources of protein-filled veggies.

Five: Spice up your training

Doing the same exercises day in day out won’t help you reach your goal. You must pivot and alter your workouts, preferably every four weeks. This term is called Periodization. This is because our bodies have a way of adapting to the regular activities we do, and when we get to a point where nothing changes, that means our bodies need a bit of a boost. Periodization means altering your sets, repetition and rest periods. All of these small and simple things will help shift our results. One example: Perhaps one week, you will lift lower loads but increase your reps. Then the next week, you might go with heavier weights but fewer reps. Again, these are great at adding a point of difference that will become apparent in your changing body shape. It’s not that hard to get the best results from weights. Having someone show and help you will be the difference that makes the difference. A great goal, then transferred to a training and nutritional plan, will help get you there a lot faster. I hope this was helpful

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