Mistakes & failures should be classed as wins in your life

We celebrate greatness — but it’s the mistakes and failures that make something of us

It may be hard for you to picture yourself lifting a glass up to celebrate your failures and mistakes. We all hate being the subject of someone else’s gossip because we lost money in a business venture, our partner left us, or no longer have a job. These occurrences can leave us raw and filled with both anger and defeat. It might take a little while to get yourself out of the dark place failure can take you. In that dark place, you will find a glimmer of hope. That hope is a small light that can’t be seen unless you begin squinting in the darkness. But it’s there waiting for you to walk through it. As hard as it is not to take these moments in life personally, we can’t help but bear the scars and feel that maybe it’s our fault; we’re stupid or doomed to make the wrong choice yet again. Although these feelings of unworthiness may start to ooze, every single thing that happens in our lives that cause us to fall to our knees is a blessing in disguise. Think of it as a mechanical malfunction within an intricately crafted system. These flaws show themselves as a means for improvement. You have to keep tinkering away until you get the right connections going in the system to start it up again. Mistakes and failures are your educational lessons in the school of life. Moreover, it gives you a taste of your inadequacies. If you are unlucky, your enemy might be the one to tell you what your flaws are. But it’s a lot safer for us if we look within ourselves to find them. Once you do, the road to improvement is clear for starting your new, improved course. This is the education you need to take right now, and the universe is giving you the correct way in doing so. Take it and listen carefully without judgement. Then, keep working on the person you need to become to get through it. Remember — just because you failed in the past doesn’t mean you can’t change the future. You have now been reborn with a new life, a better one with a lesson you can take with you towards a brighter and better future. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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