How to use your teeth to stop overeating and lose weight in the process

Yes, you heard right. Teeth are for chewing, but they can also help you stop overeating!

You read right here. We generally assume that to lose weight, we have to stop eating. But that all depends on how you look at this. Sure, we have to use our teeth to chew our food slowly to allow our brains to catch up and tell us we are full. That way, we won’t overheat and subject ourselves to weight gain. But, what about this method — and yes, I’ve used it too. Some people find the taste of mint in their mouth a deterrent from eating anything. That also includes having a mint breath freshener. If you try to eat after a minty flavoursome thing hits your taste buds, the odds are, the food won’t taste that nice. So, what if you brushed your teeth after each portioned snack or meal — to stop you from eating anymore? Then, what if you brushed your teeth when you feel like a snack you really shouldn’t have. That minty and clean feel will make you eat a whole lot less without even trying. Soon enough, after doing this for a good number of days, you will have built the habit to stop overeating (hopefully). If you think this is silly, think again! Brushing your teeth also helps remove food particles and plaques attached to the gums. This reduces the build-up of microbes that mix with saliva and play tricks with the brain to create unnecessary feelings of hunger. Fascinating stuff. Brushing your teeth not only proves to be an excellent overeating deterrent, but it also keeps your mouth clean and breath fresh. It’s imperative if you eat a lot of animal protein. The sad reality is your breath may stink bad! You just don’t know how bad it does! So before others have a chance to tell you so, start brushing away as often as you eat & when you feel like a snack. You’re doing yourself and your workmates a favour. Happy minty brushing! If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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