The Unconventional Way I Ask For Heartfelt Topics To Write About On Medium

As a simplistic person, finding engaging subject matter can get a little trying at the best of times. I get stuck in a rut of indecision, and then procrastination takes hold of me – and there’s no turning back. Writing has been a big love of mine, and throughout my childhood, I managed to keep diaries, outlining my woes and troubles during my teen years. In addition, I loved to write essays and storylines. So not a day would go by without writing. I started on another platform at the recommendations of an influencer in marketing. I figured answering questions based on what people wanted would get eyeballs and perhaps start me along the journey to find my voice and grow. In some ways, it did, but I found myself in a content loophole. The problem was that I was churning out intellectual content and not putting my spin and magic to it. I conditioned myself to research incessantly and put that into a textbook piece. It was always a hit and miss for me, and I never really felt any passion — plus, it was deadly dull. Medium scared the lights out of me. I never thought I was good enough or had anything interesting to say. I would read the great content daily and wonder how people could express themselves eloquently, with structure and poise. Yet, I wanted to do that very thing & felt that I didn’t have the necessary skills. When I finally developed the guts to go ahead with Medium, I had no clue what subject matter to expand upon – and some days, it would frustrate me. I’d search far and wide on what questions to answer or anything exciting happening in my life. But, a the time, all I had was my local surroundings, full-time work, my dog and beautiful friends. So, I felt it’s time to dig into the old archive of my brain and expand on some hidden gems that may be lurking inside. During this time, I continued with my mindset work, but I started tapping into something far more significant as my skills progressed. I taught myself to become guided by something far more powerful. Now, this didn’t happen overnight – I’ve been at it for years. Initially, there would be crickets when I would try to tap into this energy. But soon enough, slowly and steadily, when I started to let go and use faith as my guide, I would develop hunches, thoughts and even suggestions. The nudge was so overwhelming at times, I would find myself in tears. I believe there is the power around us – energy, that’s so vast, and we tap into that field every single day, with the thought that we give out. Those thoughts can be both positive or negative. The challenge is, training your brain enough to only focus on the positives and be guided towards what you do want. Let me tell you, in theory, everyone may say that it’s pretty simple – but try doing it consistently, hour upon hour. The mind just can’t help but wander around looking for some dirty socks in your gym bag! I can’t tell you how to overcome the dirty laundry, but I can tell you how to tap into that greater power, to give you the answers to all the questions you’ve been mulling over – including what topics to write about. You could expand on this and ask for whatever you want, then be guided by the hunches and signs that appear after that. 

This entity I’m referring to is infinite intelligence.

 It’s something we may have tapped into in an hour of need, a hunch, nudge on the shoulder or a voice that may have whispered something to us. But, I bet you dismiss it most of the time — I know I did. There comes a time in your life when you just can’t run, hide or bypass the messages. It may become so powerful that the signs and hunches are not what you want to hear. An example of this was in 2020. I would forever become bombarded with thoughts and messages about my mum — warning me to spend more time with her, calling and visiting regularly. Little did I know that in 2021 she would be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and experiencing kidney failure. All those signs I got didn’t make sense to me at the time, but I listened and did what I was guided to (most of the time), and now I know why. I don’t ever ignore these messages. What is this power that’s all around us, and in you and I? Is it our guide, is it God or Mother nature? I’m not entirely sure, but I go by “a guardian.” They see that I pay attention, and when I do, I’m rewarded with hunches and ideas. Whether or not you believe in this power around us, it’s an energetic force that’s invisible yet speaking to you and me all the time. If it got you the things you wanted when you wanted them, wouldn’t it be worth trying it out for a test run? Perhaps your stick on subject matter for writing, or maybe you are toiling between a few different challenges in your life. I guarantee that when you listen to the voice in stillness, you’ll never be lead astray. Here are some simple channelling techniques I use which will help you out along your quest. You start by conditioning your mind. Conditioning takes a while to develop; I’ve yet to master it. If you are committed to making a change, then I urge you to do this daily. Pick someone who’s motivating, and listen to them speak (or my favourite – download several audiobooks) daily. You can use this when feeling down, but I’d encourage you to engage in motivational speaking in the mornings when your mind is fresh and primed for the day ahead. In the beginning, I did this 3-4 times a day. Any chance I had, I would listen to my audiobooks. Decide on the things you want. It can be anything good for you and good for others. When I decided I wanted to write for Medium, I was in the wrong place and wanted to express my feelings. As an introvert, I’m always in hiding from everything and everyone. Finally, I couldn’t do it anymore; the need to express myself became overwhelming. Writing helps me experience the situation and then release it. I feel that it helps others who read my words. You can decide on wanting many things, such as a job, a new house or losing weight. The choice is ultimately yours. Write them all down and refer to them daily. It will give you a starting point on what to work towards. Think about the things you want – not what you don’t want. I believe a lot of people get stuck on this one. Sometimes I find myself thinking about stupid things I don’t wish to have or experience, even though I know I shouldn’t. However, as you train your mind with positivity, you will notice these negatives less and less. As Napoleon Hill says, ” You start to think about only the things you want all day long, and one day all those negatives just pack up their bags and leave.” What you don’t give attention to eventually disappears. The magic component – ask. That’s right! All you need to do is ask. But, the caveat is that you must prime your mind first with the above, and then you will be in a state ready to receive. I have noticed that when I’m not in a good mood or angry, and I ask the universal law for something, It doesn’t materialise. So, my secret sauce is to spend one hour walking, either in the morning or afternoon, listen to something motivational and infiltrate your mind with positivity. Then, as those feelings consume you entirely – the mind, body and soul connection, go ahead and ask for what you want. There will be times when the answer doesn’t appear in that moment – sometimes it takes a few hours or a few days. So be ready to accept the suggestion when it happens. Have your phone or a notebook handy to jot down that idea or message. I know for some people, this may be a little bit off the planet. Well, I’ll admit I am pretty much unconventional, and I believe in many weird and beautiful things. You cannot explain this logically. If you try to pull this apart using your mind, it just won’t make sense. It would be pretty exhausting to do so. What I’d love you to do is have faith and trust in the power within you. Know that you will receive the messages and become acquainted with the pathway necessary to what you want. Enjoy the whole process because as you move along with it, many things will begin to uncover that blow your mind. Trust and let it guide you the right way.

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