Six useful squat hacks to burn body fat & shape your legs – faster

Box jump squats are just one of the many practical leg exercises to help you burn body fat and reshape your legs.

Any compound movements (such as squats) use multi joints, which means, you use a lot more of your whole body to perform this exercise. This is a great thing, because the more muscle you use, the greater the rate of fat burning and hypertrophy occurs.

Squats are a ‘bang for your buck’ exercise, and is you want to strengthen, tone and lose body fat. They are highly effective when implemented within a proper strength training program. Although you cannot spot reduce body parts towards fat loss (sorry), you can use compound movements to accelerate your bodies potential for fat loss, as well as build strength and muscle. This is key to long term body fat loss.

Below I will break down some practical squat training that you can use to build muscle and lose body fat.

Six useful squat hacks to burn body fat faster

  1. Full range of motion, with a heavy load. This means squatting low, with a heavyweight so that you can maximally train all the muscles in your lower body. Heavier loads are required in order to hit the quads, as well as the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, spine, traps and the back of your deltoids)
  2. More sets, fewer reps. That means, increase your sets to about 8–10, with fewer reps being 5–8 with each set. Go heavy and keep your rest periods to about 60 to 100 seconds.
  3. Use the strongman technique to promote fat loss. Opt for a sled. Farmers walk, kettlebell swings, box jumps and lunges to effectively target the legs, build muscle and provide a positive environment for body fat loss. These are all challenging and great alternatives to circuit training or HIIT. You will get some great results by changing up your programs constantly.
  4. Remember to focus on conditioning. In a nutshell, that means focusing on your strength training above your cardio. When you lift weights, you build muscle and change the shape of your body. Too much cardio can interfere with your progress, especially when you are on a calorie-restricted diet. To save yourself the problem of going back and forth for many months, use HIIT as your cardio source, in between your strength training sessions. I recommend no more than 30 minutes of this. You may always make walking part of your incidental exercise during the day to more of a calorie burn.
  5. If it’s your legs, you are explicitly targeting, opt for two leg sessions per week. This could split the legs up more effectively, and increase your results. For instance, one of your leg day sessions could focus on quad development with calves; your second leg session could be all about glutes and hamstrings. Because legs are such a large muscle group, it makes more sense to split them and target these essential muscles. This will make sure that you’re getting the best results from your leg training program.

I do hope this helps you somewhat with your goal of reducing lower body fat. The key is to train consistently and focus on working this muscle group to its full potential.

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