On leg day, is it about the amount of reps, or less reps regardless of weight?

When it comes to leg day, those with some relatively high knowledge of body building and changing body composition will have different strategies of application when it comes to their leg training.

Some people want massive hypertrophy, others want huge strength, whilst a lot just want lean muscle mass. This will dictate the best action plan when it comes to leg day.

The amount of weight you lift is very important when it comes to all three of those goals. In order to see massive results, you have to progressively lift heavier and heavier. But, we don’t jump from 50kg to 100kg over night. It’s the step by step process, of adding on small increments of weight, produces the extraordinary effects of strength, lean muscle mass and hypertrophy.

The amount of times you lift this weight is what produces enough stress on the muscle to damage it, and therefore grow stronger and increase it’s muscle mass. Don’t forget that this process also re-shapes your legs, making them look leaner, and diminishing the cellulite ladies! Lift heavy!

The point I’m trying to make here is that you have to push yourself (still using proper form) to lift that one or two more reps. This is the difference that makes the difference over time. We need to all get into the habit of believing in ourselves and pushing to get that one more rep.

Let me also summarize the key factors for leg day, which you should keep in mind when structuring your program to make it as effective as possible.

3 key areas during leg day in order to get massive results:-

  1. Lift heavy – it’s increasing your weight over time that makes the biggest and most effective body composition and strength changes
  2. The amount of times you lift the weight – working towards failure, lifting that 1–2 more reps at the end of your most challenging rep also causes massive gains potential. Remember, volume is a good thing, and if you can lift it one more time, you most definitely should!
  3. Periodization is a best kept secret to effective leg training- Remember, alternating accumulation and intensification – this means, one week you train for hypertrophy, then during another week you train for strength. This kind of training allows for an increase in muscle, then an improvement in the muscles motor unit activation to produce bigger, stronger and faster legs.

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  • Nilesh D , 11/02/2020

    How should be our fluid intake while running/exercising?

    • admin , 28/02/2020

      Hello Nilesh,
      I tend to drink 1 litre of water whilst exercising, then another one when I’m training. It’s important to hydrate your body before exercising to get the most effective workout.

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