Minimise the Signs of Ageing Skin by Doing this One Thing


A word of warning to the young and old — start now to diminish the effects

For years, I spent thousands of dollars on anti-aging serums and lotions.

That doesn’t consider all the beauty therapy packs I pre-purchased for myself and my daughter to clear up our skin and make it look more supple while eliminating clogged pores.

I tried a botox session last year and found it very beneficial. That solves my forehead line and some crow’s feet, which start to shape at my age.

But nothing helped enough, apart from eating well (all the time), eliminating sugar and drinking lots of water.

Exercise does its bit to keep my body and skin in excellent condition.

One other thing helped me, which I initially used as a weight-loss strategy.

I didn’t even contemplate the anti-ageing and skin-clearing effect it would have.

But when you try this method, you will constantly be surprised how many benefits start to occur.

You will inevitably keep doing it — just for the skin benefits alone.

The reason why fasting is very effective in clearing and rejuvenating your skin is through Autophagy.

This is considered a ‘self-cleaning’ process, clearing out old & damaged cells and proteins to make way for new healthy ones.

It’s not only our skin that benefits from this process; our brain health is also enhanced and controls blood sugar while extending our lifespan.

All of these then form the byproduct of glowing and healthy skin.

Skin cells respond to the renewal process as well. As soon as Autophagy takes place, dull, damaged cells are replaced by youthful ones.

So fasting re-boots not only your gut microbiome but also supports a healthy inflammatory response.

This is all part of the process that helps improve your skin’s quality and induces a self-cleansing process that breaks down and recycles damaged molecules and cellular organelles.

As a result, you are increasing the longevity of the cells in your body; you are helping to rejuvenate your entire health!

So, fasting is a great way to boost your skin, making it more youthful and bright; it’s also great to tend to your skin for life.

Here, the caveat is that you must fast regularly to maintain these benefits. A healthy diet, hydration and exercise are also necessary during the process.

A clear and youthful complexion still needs good skin products to maintain it.

Finding something suitable for your age bracket and skin type is essential.

Intermittent fasting, good food and hydration benefit your skin more than skincare alone.

How long should you fast?

According to your goals and lifestyle, this is a general question, and different times work for others.

For example, I fast for 17–18 hours, sometimes less and rarely more these days.

Initially, I fasted for 20 hours several times per day, but that was initially for weight loss.

Now, I don’t worry about that anymore, and fast for better health, maintain my body weight and build muscle.

That’s the beauty of fasting — it depends on what you want to achieve.

Unfortunately, no one can make that call for you, but my advice is to start small and challenge yourself.

Then, keep building up your resistance by slowly fasting for extended periods.

Observe what that does to your skin, weight and health as well. 

We are holistic beings, and the result of our fasting should benefit all aspects of our lives whilst allowing us flexibility in the process.

So, speak to your doctor if you have underlying health conditions, but give fasting a try if you want something manageable that assists your health and any skin issues or ageing concerns you might have.

I am turning 44 this year, and although I will keep using botox for more refined, prominent lines, fasting will always be my primary source of skin rejuvenation.

Have you used fasting to attend to the quality of your skin?

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