One Thing You Can Start Doing at Home for Better Health

One Thing You Can Start Doing at Home for Better Health

Many people resist this, but I can assure you that practice makes it easier and faster.

When I was a teenager, my passion for cooking started with dessert — rather than the food itself. I loved cooking class at school, and I was grateful to work alongside another talented teen who made it so much easier to cook excellent meals, get the best grades in the class and start my positive journey in the kitchen. Resisting the cooking bug I was born with became my teenage blunder. My dad — a traditional Greek, mentioned that I would make a great wife if I were talented in the kitchen. Inevitably, that’s where my life would lead (Grrr????). That comment offended me so much that I quit cooking classes at school (much to my teacher’s disappointment) and decided I would not be a ‘good wife’ instead-but work towards being an artist or a businesswoman someday. Some things stick with you for life — even when you turn your back on them for some time. Cooking meals at home is a joy for me and can annoy many people. I love cooking at home because I’m in charge of buying, chopping, and cooking the ingredients — and I’m pretty OC about this. Organic, wholesome and fresh produce all the way. We don’t eat processed foods. I grew up in a junk food environment, and I want my daughter to lead her life at home in a healthy fashion, to set her up for a lifetime of good habits. Thankfully, she also has the cooking bug and is a pretty good little chef! People who cook meals at home are generally more inclined to eat fewer calories and make healthier meal choices. A survey asked detailed questions about eating behaviours & choices, like junk food consumption during the past 30 days. 

From those survey results, the researcher’s discovered the following;

???? Only 8 per cent of adults cooked dinner at home once a less per week! ???? This group consumed 2301 calories, 85 grams of fat, and 135 grams of sugar on an average day. ???? Forty-Eight per cent of participants cooked dinner at home six to seven times per week and ate 2164 calories. ???? People who cooked at home ate eighty-one grams of fat and 119 grams of sugar on average. Individuals who cook at home rely less on frequent frozen foods and are less likely to choose fast foods when they eat out. Individuals who work more than 35 hours a week outside the home are less likely to cook at home. In my analysis, people eating at home also eat the wrong foods — even though they attempt to do the right thing. Obesity is a massive epidemic at the moment. It’s become an insurmountable public health problem that causes serious consequences, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. It’s not only a matter of cooking at home but also educating others on eating appropriate macronutrients. Most people aren’t aware of the differences in macronutrient values. Portion size and meal breakdown are also not the most widely available information. When eating out, it’s important to make healthier choices. Time and financial constraints might be a problem for some, and flexibility is required. Time-poor people can pick a meal planner option like Marley spoon etc. Meal options are delivered to your door with easy and quick recipes that you can pre-make and store without too much fuss. In Australia, Aldi also prepares cheap at-home meals — although I’m not sure of their health validity! One final note, always read the food label. The ingredients used in your foods have hidden sugars and artificial ingredients included. Everyday food you eat like yogurt, cheese, or perhaps a packeted sauce. All of them could contain something that can hinder weight loss. So, before you decide to part with your cash, check if the food items’ ingredients suit your lifestyle and health. Please share your home cooking adventures and how that’s helped you stay healthy and attain your weight loss goals. 

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