How has intermittent fasting improved your life?

Intermittent fasting has improved my life in so many ways, and this is why I always bring back the focus towards this type of lifestyle, as I have not experienced anything as beneficial for weight loss, muscle building and health. I’ve tried and tested many ways to diet, including caloric restriction, paleo, vegan, high protein and the list goes on and on. None of these diets provided me with the benefits I have experienced now with fasting. Here are some focused reasons why It worked for me, my goals and my life.

7 reasons why fasting has improved my life

  1. Eliminates a lot of the symptoms of auto immune disease.
    The reason why I stated on the intermittent fasting pathway, was because my immune system had become out of control. I had many allergic reactions, belly bloating, lethargy, bouts of diarrhea and sore joints. Generally, I felt ok very few days at a time, but most of my waking life was governed by how my immune system was functioning. It was a terrible way to live, and I often thought it was just a symptom of becoming older.
    At the suggestion of my oldest, and most dearest friend, I began the journey with fasting, and I did it my way. When I began, it wasn’t the most pleasant feeling, but I slowly noticed my joints weren’t hurting anymore, I didn’t suffer as much from my usual allergies, and I had such clarity and focus in my day to day dealings. This was a completely magical turn around for me, and I only wished I’d taken the steps sooner. Better late than never!
  2. I began multi-joint lifting again, as my joints no longer hurt.
    A big part of my journey (as I have mentioned in several of my blog posts) was that I began deadlifting and squatting again, without pain and without causing any further damage to all the endless imbalances I had in my body. I started to get stronger, could lift heavier and noticed a level of consistency with my training, that I had not experienced before. Just to let you know, I also train in a fasted state, so you may assume my energy was diminished as a result! This is further from the truth! My energy levels and strength went through the roof. This is Human Growth Hormone working at it’s peak. I highly recommend lifting when you are in a fasted state (after you have fasted for a couple of months) so you can see the difference in your lifting experience.
  3. My mind and focus became laser sharp and consistent.
    I became more and more aware of just how much I could focus as well as experience a sharper, more clear frame of mind. This was especially magnified when I pursued my 20 hour fasts. In the midst of the longer duration, I was able to articulate and type non stop article content, as well as speedily uncover my goals and touch points for the week ahead. I would get double the work done in half the time. One would assume that in a semi starved state, you would be struggling to put a couple of words together. This is absolutely not true, and I urge you when aiming for those longer fasts, try this theory. Save your most pressing and difficult tasks when you are fasting, and see the change in your productivity and awareness.
  4. I stopped experiencing cravings.
    As any person, I would get particular cravings for certain foods, especially during my cycle. I find now, that I experienced no cravings, and when I finally do get to indulge in my cheat meal, it’s not something that I desire, or have a huge need for. Now, it’s mainly used to increase my caloric consumption and offset the lack of calories during the week. This is wonderful for those who find that junk food and chocolate is needed on a daily basis, especially when the 3pm munchies take over. One you fast, your body craves the food it needed, within the limited time you have to eat.
  5. I’m actually getting more muscular – despite the lack of food.
    Everyone puts a huge emphasis on protein – which is essential when building muscle (It’s my key macronutrient). Considering most of us that fast are on 1–2 meals per day (and 3 or more when we are shortening the fasting cycle), It doesn’t really leave the window open a lot for getting huge amounts of protein in our meals. When you fast, this doesn’t seem to be a problem (for me anyway). Perhaps it’s because I’m a smaller build and don’t need as much. But the truth is, I’m getting muscular and leaner, without the higher range consumption of protein, because my body is better able to utilise and recycle nutrients when the time arises. This is due to fasting, and the bodies ability to detox and reset a lagging metabolism. Fasting allows the body to rest, recuperate and reset as it’s been programmed to.
  6. I got leaner – even though it took a little longer than most people. My key motivator for fasting didn’t involve getting leaner (although it was at the back of my mind as a secondary gain). Because I was already lean, I was more inclined to fix up my health issues, and see if this would provide some kind of relief. As a matter of fact, it did so immediately, but the body fat loss wasn’t as immediate. The first thing that diminished was my overly bloated belly (mainly due to inflammation in my gut). Over the next few months, as I decide to focus mainly on weight training, I cut out the cardio, and opted for leisurely treadmill walks uphill. This worked so well, and even my colleagues noticed I was getting a lot leaner and muscular on the arms (my first point of fat loss). It was actually the legs that took a LOT longer, but I now finally feel that things are heading in the direction I want. Slowly, when you begin to lift heavy, you put on muscle and tone your body, then the weight loss comes.
    Therefore I want to let you all know that weigh loss does and will happen. Watch your nutrition, focus on weight training and take it easy with the cardio. See how this works for you.
  7. I can actually tolerate a lot higher carb consumption than in many of my previous years. I find now, that I can have a lot more carbs during my training session, and outside of it, without experiencing negative effects. Just to clarify, I only eat the nutritional carbs like oats and sweet potato. Sometimes I may have rice, but I found it just effects my digestion in a negative way. This is wonderful news, because I know that the fasting has made my metabolism a lot more flexible, and able to shuttle the nutrients where it’s needed most -in my muscles for when I lift! Although I’m not that fond of carbs (as they really aren’t essential for me), they do provide great benefits for me as I lift heavier and heavier weight, plus they give my muscles a sharper look.

I hope this has helped you get a few more ideas on why you should really consider fasting as your lifestyle alternative. If you would like to keep in touch during your journey, please do contact me on these various platforms if you need further assistance. I have plenty of other blog posts on my website or join me on fb and insta social standpoints. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.


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