Five ways to eliminate thigh fat forever!

I know your pain when it comes to thigh fat.

My lower body –  mainly my thighs, are incredibly challenging to lean out.

Fortunately, I have some strategies that will help you, and it’s just a matter of patiently waiting it out.

There is no single exercise or diet protocol; just several different variations done over time, to get results.

If you have not been blessed genetically with lean legs, you must work harder to make it happen.

Five ways to eliminate thigh fat forever!

One: Watch your estrogen balance

One thing I’d like to point out before we begin is the essence of estrogen metabolism and improving this.

Estrogen is beneficial for female body composition and health.

Excessive amounts of estrogen lead to increased fat stores.

Where does all this extra estrogen come from, you may ask?

It can sometimes be found in chemicals, plastics and industrial compounds.

Another reason is often due to low estrogen metabolism from a poor diet, lack of muscle mass and physical activity.

One way to combat this is by eliminating toxic estrogen exposure by using natural care products and avoiding plastics.

Take your coffee cups, don’t take receipts (let them email you), don’t use the plastic lid for your coffee, don’t heat plastics in the microwave and never drink from plastic bottles (opt for BPA-free ones).

It would help if you also got into some form of physical activity, like lifting weights to change your body composition.

Eat a high-protein diet with lots of green veggies, such as the cruciferous, which flush out excess estrogen in the body.

Two: Use intermittent strategy as a fat-burning tool

Fasting is when you abstain from eating food for an; when period, and when that period ends, you can return to eating again.

These fasting periods can range between 10–36.

Women are not advised to fast longer than 10–12 hours, but I’m going to go against the grain and tell you to aim for 20 and upward!

Women can experience hormonal mismatches during the fasting period, but this will all balance out eventually.

Let’s not forget about the results you get! I don’t think I’ve ever had legs this lean before, and it’s all due to the fasting and proper training (which we will get into).

So try this, do some research, and speak with your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions, and you won’t look back.

Three: Training to change your body shape with weights is critical

Training to build muscle means that you will increase your metabolism and daily rate of caloric burn.

This includes when you are at first and after your training session.

You will also activate the release of hormones which have a fat-burning and appetite suppressant response in the body.

As you lift heavier and become stronger, your body shape will start changing, and you will burn off fat stores and diminish cellulite in the process.

Focusing on conditioning rather than just the numbers on the scales or the calories you burn during a session. I mention this because it takes time to see results – but it’s worth it. it

Lifting weights is a crucial booster for your metabolism, increasing your body composition results even further. And yes, that does mean leaner, stronger and more muscular legs as a by-product.

Four: There is no real need to obsess about your calorie consumption

Prolonged, calorie-restricted diets burn our muscles for fuel, make us cranky and diminish our metabolism’s potential.

It may have an effect when you begin, but the results start to taper off as time goes on.

That means you may decrease your calories even further while increasing your activity levels.

This is a recipe for disaster!

Fasting works so well because it’s only a restricted window of eating, not a monthly, yearly or lifetime event.

Both have different effects on our metabolism and body, and I would opt for restricted timed eating than months worth of caloric restriction any day!

Five: Eat fat to get leaner

Most people still give fat a bad name, mainly because all they see is the high caloric numbers.

When you restrict your fat intake too much, hormone imbalances will occur.

The body needs fat to manufacture hormones. The body can absorb and use high-quality fats from olive oil, avocado, eggs and fish (there are more fat sources, of course).

Fats also increase your body temperature, boosting your metabolism even further. The only fat you should avoid is anything processed or derived unnaturally from sources – think vegetable oils.

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