Does under eating actually make you lose or gain weight?

The answer to this depends on a couple of factors – which may be surprising. I’m doing to share two methods with you, both which I have tried over the years, and one being extremely effective at burning body fat and restoring the efficiency of the metabolism. Let’s look at both in more detail.

Caloric restricted meals over long periods of time.

When on a caloric restricted diet, we usually experience some really rewarding results first up. Our bodies become leaner, we feel lighter and the clothes we wear begin to loosen up. Then, after being on this restrictive eating for a long time, we begin to experience negative effects. Our energy levels plummet, we begin to feel moody, withdrawn and start to experience intense cravings like no other. We are not losing any more weight, in fact, we may be putting it back on!
This becomes quite stressful, as the panic of what to do sets in. So, we increase our rate of activity and decrease the amount of food we eat even more. Thinking in our head that the math should work well. Decrease calorie consumption, increase exercise output – and we should be losing weight again. This could be further from the truth!
You may have experienced this yourself, and wondered what was going on, what you could be doing wrong, or why this simple mathematical equation does not work in real life. The reason why this does not work overtime is that your body goes into survival mode since it’s being fed less and less, with the increasing inactivity. The ‘starvation’ mechanism ignites, our bodies begin to preserve everything – utilising only what is necessary for survival. This leaves you with more weight and even more hunger.
You see, our bodies are equipped to adapt according to what we put it through, and then balances it out at a set point. This could increase caloric burn or decrease it. Unfortunately, restricted caloric eating over long periods of time, eats away at your muscle mass, decreases the efficiency of your metabolism and it can often take a long time to re-set it back to normal. So, caloric restriction (as in, a 1200 calorie) diet does not work well and will leave you with intense cravings.

Intermittent fasting for life – the lifestyle plan

Now you could be saying well, what’s the difference with IF and your normal calorie-restricted diet? The truth is, that fasting is only a restricted timing of food, for a period of time (I’m not talking days here, although a lot of hardcore IF fans swear by it). When you fast for a period of time – that is, abstaining from chewing and eating anything, your body’s insulin levels plummet to low levels, increasing your chances to burn stored body fat as fuel (since it cannot get it from food). You also allow your digestion and nervous system to take a break from the extensive energy needed to digest food constantly. Over time, your metabolism is given a boost, since insulin is so low, therefor increasing your efficiency for burning stored body fat, and the calories you consume, when you do eat. This is the beauty with IF, you don’t actually restrict anything when you start eating again. That’s not to say you should eat terribly – this is actually counterproductive to your fat loss goals.
Over time, you bring your body back to good health, since IF flushes out toxins, decreasing your chances of disease and inflammation. Your appetite also diminishes, and the cravings are no longer taking hold of you as they once did. This is great for those who binge eat because it’s very challenging to do this after fasting for many months. You just don’t need to. The body actually does not think it’s starving, because it is well aware that you will be eating and adapts accordingly. This adaptation happens whether you are on a restricted caloric intake daily or intermittent fasting. It’s just that they both do different things to our metabolism. With IF, we are manipulating our metabolism in the right way.
So, in answer to your question, it’s a lot more effective if you do restrict you’re eating window to a period of time, rather than restrict your calories during every meal. Feel free to do a bit of research on this subject, as IF is a really big craze at the moment. It’s worked wonders for me, and many other people whom I’m close to. The results are astounding, not only in terms of changing your body but also bringing you back to optimal health.

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