What is a good 60-minute high intensity workout?

When I want to increase the intensity of my work outs, I tend to do a number of exercises back to back – without allowing any compromises on form. For me, this is usually 3 consecutively performed exercises, without a rest period. The result of this is fat burn as well as hypertrophy. If you are not keen on hypertrophy, then you may perform even more exercises in a circuit type setting.

I am more incline to create tri-sets for smaller muscle groups, which don’t need as much recovery time. It’s also a great way to use isolated exercises and make them a lot more intense in nature. As you know, isolate exercise doesn’t have much of a metabolic advantage.

Sample biceps and triceps workout: –

A1: Chin ups – supinated grip
A2: Biceps curl – 90-degree angle bench
A3: Scull crushers – flat bench
Rest either 60 seconds or 120 seconds and repeat 4–5 times

The exercise sequence I pick will be determined by what my weakest links are, or what I would like to enhance more. I would actually like to work on my chin up technique a lot more, and it’s a multi joint movement. Because it’s a movement that works a lot more of your whole body than biceps curls, and needs a whole lot more strength to perform, I put it as the primary exercise in the sequence. It’s also a good idea to perform it after adequate rest, so you can get enough reps in. You do not have to do this – but it’s a fair strategy when considering energy systems.

This is definitely not going to take you to the 60-minute mark, therefore after I finish these 3 movements, I may progress to the following sequence, whilst adding some abdominal exercises: –

C1: Cable Hammer curls – rope pulley
C2: Cable Triceps pushdowns – straight bar
C3: Kneeling cable abdominal curls
C4: Cable rotation

For the above, since I’m predominantly working on the cable machine, I may as well use it to my advantage in providing resistance for some abdominal exercises. This is just a great way to sequentially place exercises, so that you are working at a higher intensity.

All together, these exercises should talk about 45 minutes to complete, and since they are back to back, without much recovery, it’s suitable for those who are time poor but do want to complete a decent workout.

In summary, when working smaller muscle groups, go for a higher intensity by working a series of exercises back to back. This will help with your hypertrophy, fat burn and strength goals, all in one session. Feel free to keep in touch via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you

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