Eat This one Powerhouse Regularly to Boost Heart Health

Eat This one Powerhouse Regularly

Diet has everything to do with heart health

It’s our power to pick and choose the most nutrient-dense food to boost our health and protect us from disease. These days, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are blowing out in enormous proportions worldwide. The simple way to control this is through diet and exercise. Going back to basics and what nature intended us to eat through its supply is the best way to stay healthy and live an abundant life. I don’t know about you, but I intend not to visit doctors and become plagued with aches and pains during my lifetime. I want to be able to do the things I love, even if it only takes me up to a certain age. Why live with ailments and pain when you can do something now to bypass this? A study conducted in China run by Lang Pan, MSc at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Peking University, Beijing, China, took 4,778 participants from China, of which 3,401 had cardiovascular disease, and 1,377 did not. A unique technique was used to identify the participant’s blood metabolites based on plasma samples. Of those metabolites, scientists identified that 24 were associated with self-reported egg consumption levels. This analysis showed that those who ate a moderate amount of eggs had a higher protein level in their blood, called apolipoprotein A1. This is a building block of a good quality lipoprotein. Individuals who ate eggs had large HDL molecules in their blood which helps clear out cholesterol in blood vessels and protects against blockages that lead to strokes and heart attacks. Researcher’s also found a further 14 metabolites linked to heart disease, and those who ate fewer eggs had lower levels of these beneficial metabolites and higher levels of the harmful ones. For those who question eggs and how they may cause further high cholesterol, the number of eggs here is ‘moderate’, which is a little broad in terms of numbers, but we can assume a few eggs per week would be beneficial in combating heart disease. In China, one per day is considered moderate — but the data indicates less consumption than what is deemed reasonable.


Key takeaways

Adding this macronutrient to your diet is essential at a moderate level. Here are some ideas to add more eggs to your week One: Have scrambled eggs a couple of times per week. Two: Use eggs in your salad regularly Three: Eggs are a portable snack, so why not replace your current bars with one egg once per week and notice the difference


Here are some egg-inspired recipes to get you going

Egg, Carrot & Kale Muffins Cheeseburger Omelet Spinach Omelet With Avocado & Cottage Cheese Dill & Cream Cheese Scramble Eggs 

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