There is one shameful secret we all keep when it comes to our diet

Secret We All Keep When it Comes to our diet

It’s OK; you don’t have to tell anyone

I will admit it — sometimes, I’m not always honest about my daily food consumption. This came to light recently since I’ve been struck down with a nasty virus. You certainly notice the differences in your diet when you lose your appetite! Usually, I train well and have a pretty good appetite — enough leverage to handle a treat or two. But sometimes, that’s been known to get a little out of hand, helping me feel somewhat ‘guilty.’ The guilt is more about breaking my commitment to myself regarding healthy eating. Eating small treats once in a while is ok and will not harm. However, those daily indulgences dent your health and body composition goals. But we all do it — and I wanted to admit that I do, too, despite having a health-conscious mentality. A study shows that obese and thin people lie about their food to the same amount regardless of the bathroom scales. So, therefore, on a grander scale, this could undermine national health advice. A study looked at 221 adults averaging 54 years of age with different shapes and sizes. Researchers asked them to keep a food diary, and researcher’s checked how much energy they consumed. Although obese people lied about how much they ate by an average of 1200 calories and thinner people by 800 calories, obese people burnt 13 per cent more or 400 more calories of energy. The research considered the amount of energy a person burns in a day, with everyone misreporting how many calories they consume by an average of 900! Obese people burn more calories doing day-to-day tasks, but they lie a lot more than thin people. 

Larger body sizes require more energy to move around. Moving this excess weight hour upon hour is hard work and takes a lot of energy. (let’s not even go near how hard your heart works in the process too — which is not healthy at all).

 Considering this significant factor, there was no difference in how much they under-reported their food intake. So it’s safe to say that no matter what size you are, when it comes down to monitoring your food intake, it’s pretty easy to lie about it -more than likely from shame. These small lies hugely impact the guidelines that claim Britain’s ever-growing waistlines are more likely due to obese people not telling what and how much they eat! But, sadly, this can also impact your health. It’s human nature to want to hide what you feel most ashamed about. This is now the time to clean with yourself first and admit to those sneaky food habits harming your health more than anything else. Don’t you deserve a better, healthier, and more abundant life? Perhaps researchers would need to take a different angle to bypass the instance of inaccurate data. The government needs to overhaul its advice sooner than later. Are you curious to know what 900 calories look like? 

Get ready for this one (it’s mostly junk food-based, by the way!)

New York sliced cheesecake = 900 calories. Six-pack beers = 900 calories Seven packets of salted crisps = 900 calories 300 cherry tomatoes = 900 calories 3 Mcdonald’s Cheeseburgers = 900 calories 18 apples = 900 calories A double whopper with cheese from Hungry Jacks comes in at = 990 calories! So this is all it takes to reach the 900 calories excess quota. But, somehow, I don’t believe many people will be opting for apples and cherry tomatoes — even though I wish they would. Have you lied about your food intake — when it comes to keeping a food diary? 

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