4 simple ways to increase good health and wellbeing

Good health is one step away from all of us, yet we may make lots of wrong decisions which set us up for failure. I believe this can happen to the most disciplined person, and it has happened to me! We may slip at times, and that first slip leads to many more as the days, weeks and months progress. Then you may find yourself in a place you don’t want to be (unhealthy, disease or weight gain) There are a few fundamental ways we can prevent this from happening, and they are quite obvious, but not so to those who aren’t paying enough attention. The time will come when you may realise you’re not feeling well, you have injuries or your clothes don’t fit anymore. I wish most of us would realise the issue before it magnifies into something bigger. Here are some great user-friendly tips for everyone.  

4 simple ways to increase good health and wellbeing

  1. Be aware of what goes on in between your ears. Mindset is a big thing. You can use your mind to decide you will be healthier and make the necessary changes to change your life for the better. IT takes a lot of guts and self-awareness to be able to do this. We all suffer from relapses, but those who experience success don’t let that become magnified into failure. No one is perfect, and cutting yourself some slack, as well as being your own best friend will put you a step ahead of the rest.

  2. Make it a lifestyle, not a goal. When I think of dieting, I see restrictions, chicken and broccoli every day (and believe me, I used to eat like this when I competed!). That’s no fun for anyone, and we all need to live our lives as we wish. Now, we cant’ always eat what we want, but we can make the best possible choices available to us. That means, thinking of eating healthy and being successful with weight loss, as a lifestyle. And that is absolutely the truth. This is all about creating your best possible life where you are healthy, energetic, lean and making the most of every minute you have.

  3. Rest should be a priority, not a luxury. Resting is essential for everyone, and it stops us from burning out completely. When your body is crying out for a nap, go and have one. If you feel like sleeping in one morning and not hitting the gym, do that too! Your body can only do so much, and running it into the ground when it needs rest, will only increase your susceptibility to disease, immune issues, and injury. One or two days won’t hurt.

  4. Eat fresh, and real food 98% of the time. A lot of us prefer convenience rather than taking out some time to make a few healthy meals. I know many people are not very passionate about cooking, but what if you turned that around and decided that nourishment was key to everything. This is the truth because our health is our wealth. When we eat well, everything else in our life falls into place. Fresh food is essential for our bodies in every way. Picking seasonal produce and preparing your own meals is not only rewarding, but you actually know what’s in it. This makes a huge difference in your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t forget that you can, in fact, have a night or two eating out if you like. Variety is key.

As simple as these steps are, I believe sometimes the simple things in life are forgotten amongst the endless noise all around us. I think we should all add these points in our lives, and I should be walking my talk. As a pledge, I will spend one morning a week on a meditative walk in a local park. It’s something I loved to do many months back when I was experiencing anxiety. I forced myself to meditate and be outdoors in the fresh air when the birds sang. It was wonderful and very therapeutic. If you find it hard to quieten your mind, then do try that.

If you would like an extra push to get you started, please contact me via the usual channels. I have a comprehensive cheat sheet that outlines the best fat loss strategy phases in more detail, including an option to download the ultimate fat burning menu pack, and structure with training and fat loss. You can also find me on social if you have any questions or would like to connect.

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