What is one absolute thing you always do to keep being healthy?

The most absolute and crucial strategy I implement daily in order to keep healthy, is to eat well.

Not enough people see nutrition as their way out of health problems, to increase their capacity for living a more abundant and enjoyable life. There is so much focus on exercise, taking endless pills, supplement and potions. But our key factor here, is each and every food choice that we make in our daily life.

So many of us visit doctors about our joint inflammation, our diabetes or heart disease – yet we continue to eat the way we are, even if it’s causing us harm, and resorting to pills instead.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson states – The first wealth is health.

What is meant by healthy eating, and eating well for life? It doesn’t mean deprivation, or not enjoying the finer things that are on offer all around us – it’s more about exercising some self-control and opting for the best choices of foods 80% of the time, whilst allowing for indulgences during that small window of 20%. Here are some ways to do this.

5 ways to make eating healthy easy, efficient and hassle free.

  1. Focus on the essentials for every meal – protein. complex carbs and cruciferous veggies. Make sure all your meals contain protein as a main component. Protein is the one macro that will keep you full for longer stretches, allow your body to use energy for its digestion & assimilation, plus, it helps you retain muscle mass. This is very important for everyone, not just us body builders. We need muscle now, and well into old age. As you know, muscle mass decreases dramatically with age, therefore, it’s important to stop this from happening by eating a bit more protein and of course, lifting weights.
  2. Plan your meals in advance – have a Pinterest board of ideas. I love having my Pinterest board, and also seeking healthy recipes that are easy to cook and delicious. You can always modify them as you wish, just keep them healthy and make sure they contain the 3 essential macronutrients required for optimal health.
  3. Batch cook to prepare for the week ahead – including kid’s lunches, and work lunches, dinners etc. Batch cooking is the perfect way to ensure that you get all the preparation and cooking complete, so you can enjoy the rest of your time doing more essential tasks – or relaxing! A lot of people make poorer health choices because they fail to prepare. Don’t let that be you! Prepare to look out for the health and wellbeing of you and your family.
  4. Make some healthy snacks when the 3pm sugar hit comes about. My essential baking masterpieces compose of health snacks that are sugar free, in which I can eat during the day. It’s important to keep your energy up and use a variety of foods to do so. Because I have auto immune responses to food, I need to be extra vigilant. As I only have a small window for diet variety, I make sure those foods are on hand regularly. As stated above, if you have enough snacks and healthy food during the week, you won’t’ be making poor choices because you are starving. Don’t get into those destructive habits which compromise your health
  5. Eat only what’s in season for you right now. If you eat in season, you are saving yourself from consuming fruit and veggies that have been transported in from another country, and where the nutritional value will not be at its peak when it arrives to you. Let this be your variety – by eating only what’s in season at a time. It’s easy to swap out things that aren’t available in summer, such as vegetables, to add in winter alternatives. This should be a regular thing for you when you have favourite recipes. Don’t hold off because of one ingredient, just use something else. Getting the best nutritional value should be your priority.

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