Is it correct to say that diet, exercise, and sleep are the pillars of good health?

I do believe the pillars of good health are not subject to one thing, but several little things all combined into one, making it easier to achieve your goal. You can’t make a chocolate cake with flour alone, just as you can’t lose weight with just one form of exercise. It takes a few different things to make it a lot more effective, sustainable and easier.

Your pillars of good health are on the right path, as they would be the three main key points, and I would like to add another one into the mix. Reason being is because I practice what I preach myself, and I think if people did add this one other aspect, they would get some amazing results for both fat loss, muscle building and increasing their longevity.

4 key strategies to optimal health, a great physique and longevity.

  1. Diet is a key factor to good health and body composition.
    Eating well most of the time, will in fact help you to experience life at your best, without being susceptible to many of the diseases a lot of overweight people are inclined to possess. I always make a habit of telling clients that if it was just one thing, I’d like them to try first, in order to get back to the baseline, it would most definitely be diet alterations. Once this changes from junk processed foods and more towards healthy fresh vegetables, lean proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates, they will experience a larger shift within their entire life – not to mention their body shape. Food has the potential to help or hinder – and it’s all a matter of personal choices made on a daily basis. It’s important to make those healthy choices 80–90 percent of the time, whilst allowing for some flexibility once or twice a week to enjoy a treat with friends, family and loved ones alike. It’s all about practicing flexibility and sometimes restraint. Habits take about 30 days to stick, so in the beginning, we must become more conscious of the choices we are making. Soon enough, it becomes an ingrained habit, that we practice regularly. Practice patience and persistence.
  2. Exercise.
    This comes in second in the pillar of good health. We need about 30 minutes of daily exercise in order to combat disease. This can even include low impact walking, cycling or jogging. As long as we stay active on a daily basis, we will have a head start on good health, and positive life habits. If you would like to further increase your bodies capability, then I would highly recommend strength training above all else. Why? You build strong, healthy bones, a higher range of movement, muscle, shape and of course, weight loss. Lifting things off the ground is something that we do constantly, and therefore, when we attempt to lift heavier things, we train our bodies. As we age, susceptibility to fractures become a lot more prevalent. Weight training helps to strengthen our bones and also increase the fluidity of our movements.
    When we increase our muscle mass, we then boost our metabolism, so we are more likely to burn body fat at rest, and that means we have a higher chance of maintaining a lean physique well into old age.
  3. Sleep.
    Sleep and rest are key to our health, as without enough of it, we can experience brain fog, lack of focus and concentration, and general depression. Constant sleep deprivation exacerbates this problem, prohibiting us from experiencing life to its fullest. New mothers experience lack of sleep for many months on end, and general insomnia is very difficult long term. Eating well and exercising regularly will help a lot with your sleep progression. Spend at least one hour preparing for bed, by taking a warm bath, burning some essential oils, or indulging in a massage with healing oils. I regularly use magnesium before bed, as both in supplement form, and topical. It’s great for easing the soreness of muscles after a hard workout, as well as inducing sleep. I’ve been using magnesium for many years. Make sure you only take this an hour or so before bed, as it can have a very impactful effect instantly!I would also like to add to this one more point
  4. Intermittent fasting for longevity and physique changes.
    Fasting is a bit of a craze, but one that has shown the best results, in a short period of time. This is popular, because it’s a restricted eating window, not a food restrictive one – making it easier to sustain for long periods, without much deprivation. Yes, you do have to restrict you’re eating to succeed, but when you see the results, it’s hard not to love the method.
    This is not only good for weight loss, but health wise it’s amazing. Lessening your insulin, it combats diabetes and many other diseases. It also re-sets your metabolism because of this, allowing you to burn more body fat that with any other diets – as well as increasing human growth hormone. This is the key hormone for fat loss and muscle building. It’s a sensational array of wins all around with IF. Start with a small window of fasting and them move ahead with longer periods of time. You will not feel it as you become used to it, cravings will stop, and you will experience a shaper clarity of mind.

I do hope this has helped you to understand why these aspects are so important to a better life and health. For this, and many other ranting posts, feel free to join me on my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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