Which do you like better, cardio or weightlifting?

Without a doubt, weightlifting is my most favourite workout, and it doesn’t matter if it’s leg or arm day, they are both of benefit to me – but I do keep an extra special place in my heart for leg day!

Even when I’m travelling overseas, I always scout the local and hotel gyms, to see if they have a proper weights section, for me to at least get some form of heavy lifting in, away from my everyday normal routine. It’s not hard to keep up with your sessions, no matter how much you travel, or how much your routine is broken, due to work or life commitments. Below are just some of the many benefits weight training has had in my own life, health and body composition goals.

5 pros of weight training, that have changed my life

  1. It has re-shaped my body completely.
    I used to be a cardio bunny or many years, only because I didn’t know what to do in the weights area and felt intimidated by the muscle-bound men. How things have now changed! I’m possibly the only lady in my gym who’s in the weights area without a man telling her what to do! Weight training has single headedly changed my body shape completely. I now have muscles, shape and look better in clothes like pants, shorts and skirts. I’m no longer plagued with the feeling that I may look loose and flabby. I’m also living testament that you can achieve and maintain a re-shaped physique well beyond the age of 40!
  2. It’s helped build my confidence and self-belief.
    When I lift weights, I always feel liberated and strong. The weight I lift today, was not what I did yesterday, and the results keep getting better and better. This builds my confidence, knowing i really can do anything I set my mind and focus on, and I can change my body shape with careful training and nutrition. This all builds a great set of discipline for life and allows is to filer into other aspects of your day to day tasks. I also look better; therefore, I feel more confident about the way I look, and am happy to wear particular clothing. It’s a really great feeling, and it has an effect in my personal life as well.
  3. It’s helped me build outer and inner strength.
    No one ever believes they can lift a certain amount of weight, until they get in there and try! This is what weightlifting does, as it constantly challenges your own inner belief, and then when you execute it, you feel like you can use this very strategy in all other facets. Your body slowly becomes more and more adept to lifting heavy, it’s stronger and you feel your inner strength building. This is something that Arnold has said in many of his insightful quotations.The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  4. I can always challenge myself with different exercises and weightlifting goals.
    I never get bored of weight training, because I always set myself goals to achieve my dream physique and lift the most weight I can. Then each and every time you train you execute those goals and keep at it until you achieve it. It sets a great intention on a daily basis, so that you are always working towards your goals. It helps you stay disciplined and focused, and personally, this helps me filter out the boredom. I always set an intention every time I train, as I set myself some big yearly goals. I highly recommend doing this, and not just getting to the gym for the gym’s sake.
  5. It’s helped me learn a lot about my nutritional needs.
    When we train, to get the very best results, we have to make sure our nutrition is right. Throughout my whole-body building journey, I’ve learnt so much about my nutritional needs and the effects food has on our body shape and performance. Manipulating what food, you eat at what times, has really given me such great results, that I’m able to pass that real-life knowledge onto my clients, enhancing their own results in the process.

I do hope this has given you some insights of why weight training has been a lot more beneficial for me, during my fitness journey. The same points could probably be said for cardio, although as I’ve done both, cardio has no benefit to me personally. Many marathon runners would disagree. You can stick with my ranting via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please feel free to upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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