Costly Health Mistakes You’re Making By Taking Supplements This Way

Costly Health Mistakes You’re Making By Taking Supplements This Way

It’s essential to be well aware of the risks involved with supplementation

I’m very guilty of using supplements, much like popping candy. I was training at an athletic level to compete in bodybuilding shows many years back. Then, it was the norm to take supplements — in fact, I relied on them for the lack of nutrition, especially when I had to lower my calories closer to competition day. My blood results were not that great either. I had wondered why it was so bad, considering I was eating well. I THOUGHT I was eating well, but I was eating much more protein than I should have and taking way too many supplements. That’s more than likely the cause of my blood discrepancies. This situation occurred because I left my health in the hands of a trainer, who meant well, but was not adequately trained on a level to give the proper recommendations. Therefore, I have taken matters into my own hands while consulting with my present doctor for many years. That has given me the best health and well-being leverage to date. Unfortunately, athletes and wannabe athletes have no idea how much supplements affect performance and health. So, again, we take advice from coaches, friends, and other athletes to make a sound decision. Is this the right way to handle our health? 

Keep the following points in mind when you think of supplements.

One: If you are an athlete, you must be well aware of your responsibility for any substance (either legal or banned) that a supplement contains. Two: You cant play on ignorance if there is a banned substance within the supplement Three: The term “natural” doesn’t have the same meaning as “safe.” Four: Importance should be placed on standards of quality There are some terrifying links to doping substances. One example is anabolic-androgenic steroids, which can cause death due through cardiovascular causes. 

Legal supplement that does give athletes an enhanced level of performance is the following:

  • Caffeine
  • Creatine
  • Beetroot Juice
  • Protein
  • Energy drinks, bars and gels

Caffeine is the prime example of a natural substance that improves performance and, in particular, aerobic capacity. If taken in excess, it can cause faster heart rate, heart rhythm disorders, high blood pressure and, in some unfortunate cases, sudden cardiac death. Many athletes take a combination of supplements daily, and they tend to ignore the recommendations. This may cause an elevated level of prohibited substances and pose a health issue. It’s not only an athlete’s worry — an everyday person is using multiple supplements or overusing particular types, leading to health challenges over the long term. 

Key takeaways

It’s essential NOT to start taking supplements before consulting with a health professional — especially when mixing many variations. They can cause some severe health issues. In addition, if you are an athlete — this could harm your reputation and eliminate your chances to compete. This also holds for bodybuilders. We are regularly subject to sudden dope testing and are banned if caught taking any illegal substances. Although most of us won’t a doping problem — the challenge lies in taking too many supplements without the proper guidance. Of course, you can take many natural alternatives, such as caffeine, but that too should be used in moderation. Please do not allow trainers (unless trained in nutrition and supplementation) to guide you blindly into taking particular supplements. Instead, save the advice from a trained professional and see your doctor if you have underlying health conditions. If you would like to read more, please follow this paper

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