5 best things you should do every single morning

The best place to start your day is as soon as you get out of bed

I’m not one to wake up during the alarm and rush off to work in a heaving mess. Oh no, that doesn’t work for me now or in the past.  There is a requirement for a larger than life gap between the time I get up until I start my day. Whether it’s on the Monday to Friday grind or during the weekend — it’s all the same. I make that commitment to myself every single day.  

A routine of excellence is needed if you want to achieve any of the following:

• Optimal results at work• you want to lose body fat• You want to gain some muscle• You own and run your own home business• You save lives• You are a kid on a mission Routine, structure and a mission are important for everyone on the plant. Animals need it, but humans require it a whole lot more. Based on the research, the following factors are essential every single morning. 

One: Drink warm water with lemon and ginger

Since we’ve been asleep for many hours, our bodies tend to go into dehydration mode. Drinking warm water with lemon and ginger is one of the best ways to eliminate waste and restore some hydration into your body. I used to drink the average room temperature water — but after changing to warm water, I found I could digest food better, and it gave me an even bigger kick start to my morning than a small shot of black coffee! Just a heads up on this — it also helped to eliminate bloating and give me a flat belly. I can’t argue with that one! Drinking water isn’t only necessary in the morning, but it’s a must during the day. If you don’t drink enough, it can lead to further dehydration, which causes adverse health effects

Two: Exercise outdoors

I, for one, spend too much time confined in a smelly, sweaty gym all fired up to get my workout done. Sometimes it’s highly convenient because it’s either too cold or bucketing with rain outside. Sometimes it’s just necessary, and you may be a lot more inclined to do the work. But what about taking a break from the indoors and heading outside? If weather permits, why not run, cycle, do some circuit work or grab some friends and get out together. Training outdoors will help you sleep better, burn that little bit of extra calories and bring a bit more variety into your workouts. If you happen to get a little bit of sunshine within that timeframe, you can hit those necessary vitamin D levels, which helps you absorb minerals like calcium and phosphorous. But, again, don’t feel that you need much — just 5 or 15 minutes is enough (sunshine that is — fresh air is essential all day long!). 

Three: Show gratitude

Showing gratitude for all you have now will help make room for more of it in your reality. So many times, we sit and dwell upon the things we don’t have — when in fact, we have a lot more than we realise. Once you develop your awareness of those beautiful things you see, hear, and touch, it will magnify your positive nature, set you up for a day of awareness, and naturally increase your happiness levels. It doesn’t take much writing just 3 points or things you are grateful for make all the difference. It could be the beautiful rose you saw on your walk or a dog that greeted you warmly by jumping all over you (well, this makes me happy anyway). It’s those small things that help our minds become more in-tune of the goodness and simplicity life does have to offer. 

Four: Write your intentions for the day

Having a clear picture of what you would like to achieve during the day will push you towards achieving those (even if you don’t realise it’s happening). Think of a ship or boat out at sea. You have to know where you are navigating, or the wind will take you wherever it wants to. The sea and wind are a bit like life and those around us. If we don’t know where we are going daily, people will navigate us to where they want us to go. I don’t know about you, but I’m not putting up with people telling me the direction my life should progress! I could think of nothing more empowering than having a clear direction — even if the wind blows my way and pushes me off course. All you need to learn is to get back on the path with a different action plan. Life will always try to push you somewhere else- don’t let it, but allow yourself the flexibility to change direction and head on another path. 

Five: Tell someone you love them

Before my mum passed away from pancreatic cancer, I would call her every morning like clockwork and have a small chat, then finish the call with “I love you.” I knew she didn’t have much time left, and I wanted to get as much love between us to see me through the many years I’d be without her. Now, as hard as it is now that I can’t call her, I still whisper it to her regularly. I hope she can hear me. Before I leave for work, or just at that moment when my daughter leaves for school, I always make sure I tell her I love her. As a teenager, she may not appreciate it now, but I intend to start filling her day with love so that she can bring as much love and happiness into her day. Who can you tell you love this morning? So start your day off with the intention of love and kindness — then you can’t go wrong. I hope that these small yet significant things bring on a marvellous day for you, your loved ones and your friends. My tips aren’t things you must do on a grand scale that takes a lot of time — it’s one moment in your life where you can stop and show your appreciation. I guarantee if you do these for 40 days, your life will change. Love and light to you, my friends If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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