The best way to train while on a detox plan

However you choose to detoxify your body, exercise is still essential

It’s quite easy to become overwhelmed during the first 2–4 days of a detox program. You feel tired, moody and those caffeine-deprived migraine’s start to take hold. As the year 2021 starts to close off, it’s always a great idea to go out with a detox bang. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Detoxification or cleanses are not essential. Our bodies are pretty good at eliminating anything which doesn’t serve us. But perhaps after drinking too much alcohol and eating a lot of food over Christmas and NY — it may seem like a great way to clear the slate and start fresh in 2022. Nutrition is vital during the detox phase -and although you won’t be eating a lot, it is essential to prioritise exercise. You obviously won’t be able to do those hard and long sessions for the time being. Doing so will leave your body in a state of cortisol stress, and recovery will be non-existence. You don’t want to be exhausting yourself. Spend this small pocket of time in deep contemplation, nourishing your body and soul with rest and a bit of rejuvenation. Detoxification programs can run for a weekend, 3 or 7 days. The longer you spend on detoxifying your body, the more benefit you will gain. Although this time frame isn’t possible for many people, do keep In mind that if you are already fasting, spending days on a detox probably isn’t necessary. Ask yourself, how do you feel daily, and what are your energy levels like? That will determine how much you may need a detox. If in doubt, see your trusted health care professional or naturopath. Don’t go at this alone. 

Detoxing happens in three stages.

The first two phases of Detoxification happen in the liver. The third occurs in the kidneys. While I won’t go through all of that in this post, I will highlight the basics for you to make some progress. 

Stage one: Liver

This phase is quite toxic and causes oxidative damage if the toxins are not eliminated quickly. The liver filters toxins out of the blood and binds a vitamin to each. Therefore, it’s essential to include B vitamins, A, C, D or E, and milk thistle. 

Stage Two: Liver again

This stage makes it easier to eliminate toxins as they become water-soluble. It’s best to use cruciferous veggies to aid in the elimination process. Supplements include Taurine, Carnitine, calcium glucarate and glycine. Vegetables are cheaper and more effective if you are on a budget. 

Stage three: Kidneys

The compounds are then sent to the kidneys to be eliminated via the urine. Drink lots of water — supplementing with both warm and room temperature. Add lemon, lime and ginger to help the process of elimination. Herbal teas are also a great option. 

Some important things to remember.

One way the body eliminates toxins is through sweat. If you work out often, it is easier for you to eliminate toxins through sweat and urine. Exercise also helps our bodies cope with oxidative stress caused by toxins. Our body has a way of magically increasing our natural antioxidant power. 

How to optimise your chances of eliminating toxins without hindering your effort’s

One: Add Detoxification to your lifestyle daily

The detoxification intensity will not bother you a lot if you fast regularly. We must try to use this as a lifestyle, rather than adding more stress into our lives by feeling deprived when on a detox. If you do make the effort to fast on a daily or at least 3–4 times a week, you reduce your bodies exposure to toxins and already allow your body to eliminate as much as it can. It’s also important to remember getting enough sleep, getting a grip on stress, and avoiding exposure to chemicals in water and foods. The environment all play a part in helping you have a healthy mind and body. Finally, let’s not forget how much it helps get you leaner, muscular and the ability to maintain this throughout your life. 

Two: Low volume strength sessions

Stop the high volume workout, which includes many sets and tiny rest periods. You want to avoid putting your body through stress as much as possible. Keep lifting heavy, and use those multi-joint movements to help you build and maintain your muscle. Just cut down on the volume, and allow a larger space for rest periods. Then, you can get straight back into your regular training when the detox is over. 

Three: Specific nutrition

Focus on your pre and post-workout nutrition when you train. Your aim should be to maintain your muscle and support your body through the detoxification phase. What you eat or drink will depend on the type of detox. What I have done is focus on plant-based protein and using carnitine to help burn body fat and give me an energy boost. Creatine is also great for energy, and it boosts brain function to eliminate that sleepy haze that Detoxification seems to bring on. 

Four: Supplements

Use this only in conjunction with a professional. A good multi should do the trick, as well as high levels of plant-based nutrients.  Magnesium, fish oil and greens can help boost your phytonutrient levels and support detoxification. Detoxing can be pretty challenging when juggling work, kids, and maintaining your sanity. It can also become difficult when you have a demanding job or a lifestyle that requires a lot of wine and social eating. There is never a good time to commit to detox, but if you have been struggling to lose weight, feel sluggish or find that your body is dragging you down — then it’s time to start exploring the possibilities. As I mentioned above, fasting every day is part of a lifestyle cleanse, and can easily help to detoxify the body regularly. But, if you want to have a clean slate, and reset your metabolism — then a good old detox is the way to go. Always seek the advice of your doctor or health practitioner before you embark on the journey. The advice given here is general, based on studies. To find out more about Detoxification, feel free to follow these links here. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side. Sign up here for your medium subscription

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