Four Creative Ways To Use Avocados & Never Throw Any Out Again

Sliced avocado on a grey surface

If you love avocado, these tips are for you


I write a lot about avocados — there is a big reason for it.
Besides, I LOVE avocados; they are delicious, nutritious and expensive!
I intend to use every last morsel out of my avocado shell.
If you are like me, perhaps the brown bits make it a bit ‘inedible’ even though there isn’t anything inherently wrong with them.
But if you are a visual creature like me, perhaps that colour puts you off just a tad.
My daughter doesn’t ever let me forget that I added brown avocado to her food. She doesn’t like it either.
So, how do you still avoid throwing any avocado out and instead add it to other recipes to gain their nutritional profile?
Easy! And here’s how you can do it too!

One: Make it into this special kind of guacamole

A guacamole recipe like no other.
There is an added touch to make it an awesome, earth-shattering version (courtesy of Ella Quittner)
Prepare guacamole as you would, then make your vinaigrette.
Add six tablespoons of olive oil, two tablespoons of rice vinegar, and then some salt and pepper to taste.
Pour this mixture over your guacamole rather than mixing it in.
This vinaigrette will kick up the flavour of your guacamole and preserve its freshness.
Olive oil assists with oxidisation, which turns the guacamole brown and will preserve the green colour for 24 hours. So, feel free to prepare this a day beforehand if you want to take some to work (or pre-prepare it for dinner).

Two: Use avocado instead of mayo at a picnic

Try something different by mixing an ‘avocado-based mayo’ with your favourite spices and then whipped into a lovely creamy consistency.
Avocado will mix well with egg salad and in your potatoes.
The good news is that you must use a very ripe avocado for a smooth consistency. Try adding some lemon juice and olive oil to amplify the taste of salads.
Add a Greek twist with some crushed garlic and oregano for a ‘fresh’ summer picnic feel.
This recipe also works well as a dip and could easily become a spread in sandwiches the day after.

Three: Smashed avocado with a hummus twist

You can make or buy a creamier hummus version from your local supermarket.
Start with sourdough & spread hummus on the bottom, then begin to pile avocado (sliced or mashed) on top.
Finish your smashed avo with roasted chickpeas on the top or walnuts, and perhaps a bit of salt and a drizzle of olive oil.
Combine the hummus and avocado in a way that’s appealing to your taste buds.

Four: Add brown avocado to your brownies!

Throw nothing away, but add to your recipes and surprise your family simultaneously!
Adding avocado to your brownies gives you an extra vitamin C, K, E and B6 boost. You will also support heart, bone and vision health.
Avocado also lowers the risk of depression and improves digestion.
Now, you have a match made in heaven with your brownies!
To add avocados to your brownie recipes, eliminate 1/2 cup of vegetable oil and add one avocado. Avocado easily mixes with your batter and makes it a lot smoother.
You could even get a handheld blender out to whip the avocado. I recommend taking the avocado out of your fridge about 30 minutes before you prepare the brownies so all your ingredients mix well (and don’t solidify the butter).

Key takeaways

I hope these avocado hacks help you make the most of overripe avocados and still get their nutritional benefits.
Please don’t throw any of your avocados out and continue using them in baked goods, experimenting to see what works well and how taste and textures are altered.
What other recipes or hacks have you made with avocado?

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