Ladies, Here’s Five Benefits Of Eating Avocados Daily

Ladies, Here are Five Benefits Of Eating Avocados Daily

Avocados are women’s superfood, and here are five reasons why

Avocados are highly beneficial for women. Not only do they taste amazing, but avocados also help improve the appearance of your skin and hair and protect you from cancer and many other diseases. It also helps that avocados are super delicious and pair well with any food. Plus, avocados are easily spread throughout the day. My favourite way to eat avocado is by spreading it on a slice or two of sourdough, drizzled with the best quality olive oil and some salt. Add a squeeze of lemon to stop the avocado from going brown. To me, that’s a meal made in heaven. No matter what foods you add avocado in, these five benefits will result. 

One: Avocado helps to prevent breast and cervical cancer

Cervical cancer happens to be the fourth most common cancer among women. It is estimated that in 2020, we will have 342K deaths from cervical cancer. Currently, there is no direct correlation to how avocados can help prevent cervical cancer. Still, the folate avocado contains is one component proven beneficial in reducing the risk of cervical, colon, pancreatic and stomach cancers. One avocado contains 59 mcg of folate, carotenoids, and phytochemicals. In particular, carotenoids are powerful cancer-fighting agents. 

Two: It redistributes dangerous belly fats in women

This finding blew my mind because it occurs in women only. Eating only one avocado daily for 12 weeks helps redistribute women’s belly fat. Female participants in this study experienced a reduction in the ratio of visceral fat to subcutaneous fat, indicating a redistribution of fat away from the organs. However, men did not experience the same fat distribution. High visceral fat levels put us at a greater risk of developing diabetes. A healthy diet and consuming avocado daily can help taper down dangerous visceral fat. 

Three: Enhances the quality of your hair and skin.

As much as most people will hate to hear this, our skin and hair quality directly result from what we eat. Sometimes it can be our digestion that sets us back — but usually, it’s the food choices we make daily. Avocado is wonderful for skin and hair, containing fatty acids, vitamins E, D and beta carotene. Carotene helps to bring moisture to the skin and hair. If your avocado is turning brown, why not use it as a face mask? The natural avocado oils help keep your skin smooth and moisturised and boost its quality.


Four: Avocado is great for pregnant women

Avocado wins hands down during pregnancy since it contains so much folate. Folate helps eliminate miscarriage and neural abnormalities. One avocado contains 160 mc of folate. Eating avocados offer many key nutrients for fetal and infant health and development. Further research is needed to determine the benefit’s during each stage of pregnancy. But for now, include avocado in your diet throughout pregnancy. 

Five: Avocados are great for your gut

Our gut needs high fibre- and each avocado contains about 14 grams, about half of the daily recommended intake. Eating enough fibre is key to enhancing our good gut bacteria & feeding it what it needs to thrive and keep us healthy. During a study testing the effectiveness of avocado, 163 overweight adults were told to eat 140 g (women) and 175 grams (men) every day for 12 weeks. As a result, participants had much lower faecal bile acid concentrations and increased bacteria diversity. That’s how powerful one avocado can be for you! 

Key take away

To keep blood sugar low, we must consume enough fibre naturally derived from fruits, vegetables and grains. So, keep your food options open enough to include as wide healthy varieties as possible — in conjunction with your beloved avocado. Try to combine the fats of avocado, plant-based carbs and some plant protein. It’s a powerhouse meal made in heaven. 

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