One gut healing secret you should know

Gut issues have been a regular part of my life for many years. As my age increased, the problems seemed to magnify, with the symptoms becoming even harder to control during my daily life.

 I would be in constant pain, and my stomach would expand in a matter of moments after eating food. Even today, I still experience bloating, gas and discomfort after eating. It seems to have become an accumulation of gas and poop, unable to travel down fast enough. I consulted with my gastroenterologist, who performed a gastroscope for me and found no evidence of disease. These results annoyed me because I don’t understand how one can experience such disruption in their gut and have nothing show up? Sometimes the expert’s can’t help you; the only help you can get is from natural medicine and seeking the use of a naturopath -which is what I did and what helped me overcome my gut challenges. 

Gut relief – colonics

A friend of mine suggested that I get some sessions for colonics to help push through the waste and build up in my gut. At first, I was terrified of a tube and water going into my intestine. The first time I did this, it was uncomfortable. The build-up was so harmful that I felt awful for days on end. A build-up of poo in the intestines exhausts the body. Just imagine how many days or months this stuff stays in your body, and the body itself is trying so hard to get rid of it. Toxins cause our cortisol levels to rise, and it affects our nervous system. The release of those toxins leaves our bodies exhausted and in need of rest. I have experienced this much time after a session. It’s a small price to pay for the results you get after the procedure. 

What happens after a colonic?

 You may feel awful after the first session, but you will start to feel energetic over time when you make this practice a habit. The body will naturally allow waste removal, and the release of that build up naturally clears our eyes and face. If you have acne, colonics will fix this problem. 

What next?

 Colonics require a lot of gut care in between sessions. That means having unique formula made up for you by a naturopath that encourages elimination whilst being gentle on the stomach and gut. You will also need to become a lot more mindful of your diet and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I also recommend taking a probiotic daily because the colonic removes excellent and harmful bacteria. Slowly your digestion will improve, and you will notice it’s much easier to eliminate waste. Constipation will ease, as does diarrhoea. For some delicious and easy to make recipes, check this out. In my experience, colonics are great when you make them a monthly habit. Colonics can be expensive, but the price you pay for being uncomfortable is too high. I like to get my colonics just before my period because the hormones disrupt my digestion and elimination. I get a build-up of gas too, which is highly uncomfortable. It helps ease the problem a lot. If you want a flatter stomach, this is going to help you out! Usually, after about the second and third day, I feel so much better. The tricks are to keep it up for as long as possible. One thing can set your digestion up for starting the whole process again. It’s a challenge, but the best thing I’ve done for my gut health. It would help if you also did a few other things with this treatment to start building your digestions capability. It does take a lot of work, and sometimes you can move five steps backwards. Just hang in there and do what you can. But do try this and make it a regular habit. I do hope this has helped you. I would love you to upvote it if you did. Please also join me on my various social platforms and do go ahead and download your Empowering habit changer guide. I’m also on Instagram.

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