5 ways to ease into training without pressure

Getting back into training is often something most of us long for, especially after a long illness, or from covid restrictions. It’s very challenging for the active person to go from activity to nothing or not much at all. Our psychology and physiology changes – and that’s out of our control right now. It’s completely normal to feel anxious or distressed. When we finally get the chance to start again, this is when problems can occur.


The build-up and anticipation

After so many weeks or months of not being able to train, we suddenly develop this adrenalin rush to get in the gym and not come out of there unless we’re limping! I remember quite well after covid, and finally getting back into the gym. My first day was legs, and I was smashing it – going from machine to machine. I wondered why I didn’t even feel tired or sore at any stage. Then BANG, a day later, my body suddenly reacted to all that grunting hard work. I felt both human again, and slightly embarrassed that I broke the first cardinal rule of getting back into the gym. That was the NEED to ease into training slowly, and thoughtfully. That seemed to have escaped my mind completely from overzealousness!

Reality sets in

When you first step foot into a gym, it can be extremely hard on you when the weight you begin to lift seems so much heavier than it was. Perhaps that’s the case now, but I’d like you to become familiar with what’s called “muscle memory.” Our bodies remember the strength we used to have, and that information is still within us. Slowly, as we build up the weight we lift, the memory will suddenly kick in — and it usually goes unnoticed. I know that mine took me by surprise, but it was a good 4–5 weeks before the strength I used to have kicked in full gear. Remembering this scientific fact will make it a lot easier for you to put up with a few months off.

5 ways to ease into training without pressure

  1. Limit your first training session to 30 minutes. I believe the best way to combat the Conan gym syndrome is to give yourself 30 minutes only. Carefully plan your workout, and it should not be more than 3 exercises. Allow for plenty of rest in between, as well as a warm-up and cool down. Then when it’s done, get out of there as fast as you can! It might be beneficial going with a good friend, that will kindly tell you that’s it’s time to leave.
  2. Remember muscle memory will kick in. The best thing you can do now is consistency. Train 3–4 times a week, go easy and start with lower weights, building up to more as you progress. This is a great standing point because, in about 1–2 months, you will start looking, feeling and training a lot better.
  3. Nutrition is important. Training is a small part of changing your body shape. Nutrition is even more important and beneficial on your list. Pick a higher protein, high fat and nourishing foods. I say high fat because fat’s help to ease inflammation. If you’ve had an injury or illness, you do want to make sure you’re body consumes enough fats to help to heal. If you need some nutritional guidance, check this 5 ingredient only recipe book
  4. Don’t compare now to your 20-year-old self. Maybe back then, you could kill yourself in the gym and it would be fine. Well, that all changes as you progress to your 30’s, 40’s and beyond that. You just can’t put your body through that anymore – and why would you want to anyway? We all know that those were mistakes from our former life. Now, things have to be simplified and efficient – and that’s ok.
  5. Rest when you need to and believe in yourself. I know it can be hard when you’re down and things aren’t going to plan. It happens to us all, and you must believe you will get there. You absolutely will! Follow through with your workouts, eat well, rest and allow your body to recuperate enough. If 2 days don’t seem like enough, extend it to three or more. There is no right or wrong – but what’s right for you.

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