Why do you start gaining weight immediately after stopping exercise?

It’s very easy to gain back body fat when you cease to exercise anymore. You begin to notice changes in your body, as the days and weeks increase. Not only is the outside liable to become effected by this, there is also the internal changes, such as cardiovascular and muscular conditioning.

Calories in, to calories burnt

The main reason why a lot of people begin to put on body fat after they cease exercising, is that they refuse to understand their previous intake of calories will not be supported with there now, lack of activity. If the activity diminishes, so should the calorie consumption to cause balance of intake to energy expenditure.

Diminishment of metabolism

Don’t forget that when you stop exercising, your muscles begin to shrink. This is called anthropy. Muscles need tension and stress to keep growing and developing. The loss in muscle mass makes room for more fat stores on the body. This will develop into a more softer, loose look, rather than the toned and conditioned body. Muscle does not turn into fat. Fat does in fact accumulate around the muscles you do have.

From this you can begin to understand that training enhances our metabolism, and when we stop exercising, we lower our metabolism flexibility, making it easier to gain body fat (if we keep consuming the same amount of calories)

Your cardiovascular conditioning will be compromised

Any kind of conditioning, even when it’s lifting weights, increases our cardiovascular conditioning. When we stop and become a lot more sedentary, we begin to find walking at a faster pace, or even running, a lot more challenging and unsustainable than what it used to be. This is quite heartbreaking for those who have spent many years conditioning themselves for marathons, strong men competitions, and even regular strength training regimes.

The good news is, we all have muscle memory. That means, when we begin to start exercising once again, our strength and muscle mass develops at an even faster rate, getting us back to our baseline, and having to work less hard for it.

Bye bye to your muscular gains
Not only will you lose muscle mass, but also bone density, muscular strength, endurance and training adaptations. One good thing is that strength gains take longer to disappear than aerobic. The constant under-usage of muscles will further decrease their capacity to respond, therefore eventually diminishing.

Long term disadvantage

It is no secret that exercise on a daily basis is essential for good health and longevity. You will be doing yourself a large health disservice if you do not take part in even some form of low impact exercise. It’s encouraged that you perform at least 30 minutes, on a daily basis of either walking, or some very light weight training techniques. If this is due to the need of exercise induced injury, still try to include something. Yoga, pilates and meditation could be very good for your mindset and flexibility.

In summary

Do try to implement some exercise on a daily basis. Proper strength training programs can completely alter your body composition in the shortest time possible. Yes it’s challenging, but all good things come from doing those hard task, and it makes it all the more worth it long term.

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