Is it possible to lose weight by lifting weights only, no cardio?

Weight training is definitely the best way to lose body fat. The reason being is because lifting weights uses a system called anearobic training. This system is effective because it takes place without the usage of oxygen, leading to burn body fat and build muscle at the same time. This is key for long term weight management.

Below are some in-depth findings on the anearobic system, and what it can do for your weight loss goals.

4 reasons why you should lift weights for fat loss

  1. It’s more effective in eliminating belly fat, revealing that hidden six pack. Belly fat in itself is highly dangerous and inflammatory. Lifting weights elicits a larger jump in oxygen consumption during the 24 hour recovery period after your workout. When you increase your usage of oxygen, your body burns more calories at a faster rate.

    Less cortisol develops with weight training, rather than prolonged bouts of cardio. This will further eliminate accumulation of body fat and balance your hormone levels. You are actually elevating GH levels that counter the small level of cortisol weights does inflict on the body.

    You do want to make sure cortisol is not high in your life, as that will further exacerbate fat on the belly. It’s important to practice stress control daily, through self awareness and meditation.

  2. Improves your insulin sensitivity. Your metabolism gets some love by lifting weights, allowing you to burn a lot more calories. This means, it becomes a lot easier to lose body fat, and experience less cravings during the day.

    The activation of GH is elevated, which helps restore tissue and build more muscle. GH is released by the body in larger amounts in response to physical stress above the lactate threshold. If you really want this regularly, get into sprint interval training.

  3. You get leaner a lot faster. Because you are building muscle, and improving your insulin sensitivity at the same time, body fat loss becomes a whole lot easier. If you couple that with proper nutrition, and some HIIT a couple of times a week, you can get their even faster.

    The best kind of methods to get leaner faster are:
    – Multi joint lifts such as squats, deadlifts, bench pressing and pull ups
    – Higher volume training, eliciting more than 4 sets per exercise
    – Shorter rest periods between exercises
    – Counting your tempo with every lift, ensuring your range of motion is creating as much strain for the muscle as possible

  4. Improve coordination. It’s important to build a clear connection between the brain and the muscle. This means you allow for better coordination, preventing falls, fractures and breakage of bones and ligaments.

    Explosive training will help you achieve power and strength. Think jump squats, push pressing, power deadlifts, clean and pressing ,Olympic lifts and plyometrics. Alternate your work out’s by implementing these strategies for boosting your power potential, further increasing your strength training goals.

The great thing about lifting weights, is that you can always set yourself different goals, and slowly but surely achieve them through commitment and practice. It teaches you to push through sticking points and produce mental toughness. This will also filter through in your daily life. There is nothing quite like lifting weights.

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