What are the best ways to lose arm fat for women? I know lifting weights, but what other methods can be used?

Fresh is best – always

Let’s discuss the topic of fat stores on the body, from a scientific point of view.

Each person stores fat around different parts of their body. It will be either top or bottom heavy, and some will have fat accumulation evenly all over. These pockets of fat appear to be stubborn in nature, and can be your problem area. This is a completely genetic feature, and unfortunately it cannot be altered.

The truth is that diet can help you achieve some great results. But I would like to also point out that diet as well as weight training will really accelerate the achievement of your goal. I just wanted to clear up that small fact before I go onto some more dietary information for you. One more thing before we move ahead, I don’t know anything about diet supplements or surgery, therefore I’m not equipped to make suggestions. What I know for sure is that food has the power to heal our bodies, therefore I recommend that over anything surgical or medical. Though the choice is yours.

Here are some great tips for you to trial.

5 best tips for weight loss without exercise

  1. intermittent fasting. This is one of the best ways to kick start your metabolism, and begin burning body fat stores for energy. Alternate between 12, 15, 17, 20, even 24 hours of non feeding, using the remaining hours to eat your meals. You can drink water, tea, coffee and herbal teas when you are fasting. The deal is that you don’t consume anything. The reason why fasting works so well, is that you don’t have to eliminate foods, calories or feel like you are restricting yourself from the foods you love to eat. I do recommend that you eat as healthy as you possibly can, and enjoy the fat loss, skin rejuvenation, metabolism boosting and energy power that’s generated from this simple way of living.
  2. Carb cycling. Carb cycling is a very effective way to lose weight, whilst not missing out on those beautiful carbs you so love. Here is a rough breakdown of what to do in a week.
    Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday = Weight training days (high carb)

    Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday = Cardio or low impact exercise or
    day off = Low carb

    The trick is to decrease your carb intake on low impact days, saving them for when you weight train. This is when your body will need carbs the most.

    If you are not working out, then I would limit your carbs to only 3x per week, spaced out accordingly. Make sure they are healthy, such as oats, sweet potato and basmati rice. No breads, cereals or cakes.

  3. Gut cleanse. The benefits of a gut cleans cannot be dismissed! Resetting your gut flora is key to weight loss and overall health. By pushing waste through your system, you clear the pathway for the good bacteria to thrive. Your energy and efficiency to absorb nutrients will become magnified. Let’s not forget about your improved concentration and clearer skin. It’s well worth the effort, and I recommend you do some research to find one that’s best for you.
  4. Go vegan for 40 days. This will infuse your body with phytonutrients. Fresh veggies are the best thing for your body. You will flush out toxins, reduce your weight and body fat, lower cholesterol, your risk of heart disease, and much more. Try it for 40 days to really see the difference. Eat only veggies that are in season, and stay away from pastas, rice and processed vegan foods. Natural and real is best for this one. Yes, you will get protein from plants.
  5. Eliminate all sugars. I don’t have to tell you how much more efficient your body will become at burning excess fat when you eliminate sugar. Sugar is detrimental to the body, mind and keeps those fat cells growing! Going cold turkey on sugar is hard, but you will never regret a moment of eliminating this highly addictive substance. Sugars means dried fruit, fruit juices and also diet sodas. They all contain sugars, and even the artificial sugar in diet sodas are toxic. Stick with plant based stevia instead.
  6. Eliminate all refined and processed foods. Processed foods, like sugar, are filled with chemicals and addictive substances. They cause inflammation and disease. These should be eliminated completely. Opt for fresh veggies, eliminating the need for anything that comes in a packet. If it contains more than 3 ingredients, don’t go near it! Allow your body to combat inflammation by feeding it all the good stuff it needs, so it can support you throughout your life.

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