5 key ways to diminish cellulite

The amount of cellulite you have is mostly determined by your diet and exercise regime. As the sort of food is key to how much cellulite you have, there is also the consideration of toning, strengthening, and shaping the muscles of the legs to increase muscle mass.
Depending on your genetics, you will hold more cellulite in different places than anyone else. Women tend to have most of the accumulation on their legs. I have a bit on the back and sides of my legs – which can be quite frustrating. If you train and already eat well, then it will be even more annoying for you. It seems that whatever you do, nothing works out.
There are a couple of ways this cellulite can diminish or disappear. It does take work, but if you want to get rid of it, the effort will be well placed because of the outcome.

5 key ways to diminish cellulite

  1. Fasting. Intermittent fasting has been the key factor in fat loss for many people all over the world. The reason why it’s so successful is the lowering of insulin which triggers fat burning. Slowly, over time, you reset your metabolism, and the body works in sync hormonally in order to use body fat as a means for fuel. This makes it somewhat easier to get leaner and stay trim for life. This is only apparent if you keep fasting as a lifestyle strategy – and yes, that could possibly mean on a daily basis. The choice is yours, and it does depend on how much fat you want to lose, or how lean you would like to be. Fasting will help you lose some cellulite in the process.
  2. Weight training. This is one of the key strategies to get rid of cellulite for good. As we age, there is a need to maintain muscle mass to create a shapely, toned and slim physique. Training with weights also helps you improve levels of enzymes involved in fat burning. Over time, as you become stronger and able to lift heavier weight, you will notice the changes in your body. Instead of cellulite, you will form a muscular and fit shape. This does take time and consistency with your training, so do keep it up long term and challenge yourself each and every time you stagnate.
  3. Eating high fibre-rich foods with every meal. Most of us definitely don’t eat enough vegetables. It’s very important to include them within every meal you consume. Aim for leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, kale and even consuming flaxseeds is a great way to increase your levels of fibre. Remember too that fibre helps to flush out toxins and metabolize excess estrogen – which is a big factor in excessive cellulite.
  4. Make sure you are eating protein. Protein helps you feel full and balances your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Aim for sources like eggs, chicken breast, fish, and even yogurt. Make sure your source is within the range of your palm size, which is roughly 25 grams.
  5. Stress. Yes, stress can be a big problem when it comes to fat loss. Stress leads to hormone imbalance, cravings, and general exhaustion – which can encourage us to skip our workouts! It’s very important that you put strategies in place that will help you cope with the changes which can happen in your life. Opt for yoga, meditation, even exercise will help you calm your mind and relax your body. Keep a watchful eye on this, as it’s an accumulation of negative events and your reaction which can cause hormonal imbalances.

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