Top 5 things that can hinder your fasting efforts & how to avoid them

There are quite a lot of mistakes that people can and do make when fasting. As with any eating plan, it does take time, effort and some research on your part to make it a successful and most importantly, a sustainable journey.

Along the way, I’ have learnt many things. My first experience of fasting was not as pleasant and rewarding as my journey now. There are quite a lot of differences I’ve made in terms of methods and mindset. These are what I would like to go through with you as well. I do hope that they can help you clarify a few challenges and push past them to succeed with weight loss and getting back to health.

Top 5 things that can hinder your fasting efforts & how to avoid them.

  1. Not following your circadian rhythms of hunger. This is the key aspect of fasting that stopped me from doing it the first time around. It made me feel horrible and I was completely fixated on food all the time. I found this very frustrating and not to mention distracting. The reason this was happening wasn’t a lack of willpower (as I have a lot of that, and I’m sure many people do), it was because my fasting and feasting times were not in line with my circadian rhythms, This means, I was fasting when I should have been eating and so forth. So, if you feel more hungry in the mornings – make sure you eat during this time and cut your lunch of dinner meals. If you don’t feel hungry in the mornings, make your last meal at dinner, and fast till lunch or beyond. Do whatever suits your own hunger signals and then you will experience great success.
  2. Not drinking enough fluids. Most of our days are spent eating way too much and not hydrating enough. Drinking enough is key to making sure all your bodies systems are functioning optimally, and that elimination has a chance to take place regularly. We can live for many days without food, but it’s water that is needed regularly. Don’t just save the water when you are hungry, rather, drink regularly upon the hour, and for every cup of coffee you drink, follow it up with 2 cups of pure water.
  3. You have low sodium in your blood works. Now, this perplexes most doctors because many of them lack the basics of dieting. And I’m also assuming none of them knows much about fasting (unless they are passionate about it). But, lack of sodium is just a case of your body’s levels of insulin becoming so low during fasting, that the kidneys work overtime to flush out water. That can diminish our salt levels. The best solution is to add more salt in the diet, and more importantly, add salt to some of the water you drink. Keep tabs on this and get blood works done so you can see if this strategy is working for you. Usually, it becomes rectified with this simple solution.
  4. Fasting is not a ticket to eat unhealthy food. I know I do mention in my posts that fasting does allow you the flexibility to eat some of the things you enjoy regularly – without the negative experiences of fat and weight gain. But, this is no excuse to eat junk food on a daily basis. You still must exercise some control in this aspect. Eating to fuel your body is of primary importance, especially if you are resorting to eating one meal a day. That meal must sustain you, and feed your body nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals. This is the best way to good health, and that’s what you should be aiming for too – not just weight loss.
  5. People don’t exercise when fasting. Please, guys, it’s so important to do some form of exercise, even if it’s walking regularly. Fasting is a great way to lose weight and keep it off – but exercise helps your body in many ways too. It tones, strengthens and builds muscle, stamina and fitness. The great thing about exercise is you can do what you love, and do it regularly. That can be weight training, cycling or even running. Still take part in exercise, even if you are fasting. It’s the best way to increase your stamina, as well as activate higher levels of HGH. This hormone is responsible for growing your muscles and helping you burn fat.

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