My secret weight loss tool you haven’t even tried yet – and you must

The secret is that there is no secret at all! Our bodies don’t need much, in fact, very little for us to win the weight loss game. I spend many years (more than 10 in fact) trying various diets, triumphing and then failing miserably again. It was a constant battle for me, and I was always willing to try it out. Something in me said daily that there had to be some way for me to be the shape I wanted. It didn’t help me much at all, coming from a competitive background. I knew that given the right diet and exercise, you have the capacity to change your body completely. That was quite easy for me when I began my journey. When you transition from a diet that’s riddled with refined carbs and sugars, then go cold turkey on those highly addictive substances, your body flips out! Literally! Why am I mentioning this situation in particular? It was the catalyst for my weight gain when I put my high heels and bikini back in the closet. The constant dieting and excessive training, coupled with the body scrutiny on stage, really got the better of me. I felt that I could never be good enough – and I didn’t want to be as muscular as the other ladies on stage. I actually thought that perhaps I was muscular enough for my liking. With extra padding on all my body parts once again, for the 35th time, and years after I finished competing, I finally came across a solution from a very dear friend. I will never forget the frustrating voices on end (me) and my friend who radiated fat loss beams from the other. She said to me “Ange, why not try fasting again? I know you said it wasn’t your cup of tea first time around, but why not give it one last try and change a few things?” I thought about it, and as we discussed some very sound solutions, I believed perhaps that maybe this might be the key. The science-backed it up, and many research papers were conducted on the matter. Even Dr Gundry (who I loved and admired for his endless work on immunology and dietary structures) was vouching for fasting continually. I was crazy not to give it a try. And indeed I did, and here I am telling you this. 

Five reasons why fasting is the best-kept weight loss secret


  1. Promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin. This, in fact keeps your blood sugar steady during the day, so you will not experience those endless highs and lows you normally would. Those with diabetes will greatly benefit as you can, reverse diabetes if you choose to fast as a lifestyle. Please also note that blood sugar levels differ for men and woman that fast.
  2. It fights inflammation. Fasting helps to promote better health by keeping inflammation at bay. It’s a sound treatment for chronic inflammatory conditions and multiple sclerosis. You will also benefit from fasting if you suffer gastrointestinal challenges.
  3. Boosting brain function and prevents neurodegenerative disorders. Fasting actually increases the generation of nerve cells to help enhance cognitive function. This is why many experienced faster are known for mentioning the mental clarity that comes along with a fast. I experience this every day, and my focus and clearness of thought help me tackle complex tasks, not to mention protecting me against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  4. Boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss. Fasting can boost metabolism by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, that can enhance weight loss. Fasting for a whole day can reduce your body weight by up to 9% and decrease body fat over a 12–24 week period. It definitely pays to be patient with fasting and keep at it long term for the best results.
  5. And my favourite – the increase of growth hormone that’s vital for growth, metabolism, weight loss and muscle strength. Human growth hormone is the most sort after substance, that affects many aspects of our health. It’s the key hormone responsible for growth, metabolism, weight loss and muscle strength. Fasting naturally increases HGH levels. As you age, this is essential if you want to look, feel and be as young as possible. If you control your blood sugar and insulin levels throughout the day, you will further optimize HGH levels!

I could go more in-depth with this, but fasting is in fact, the best-kept weight loss secret of all time! It’s also the cheapest and most natural way to increase and decrease the necessary hormones within the body naturally, to experience a multitude of results. Just think you don’t need any lotions, potions or advice. Fasting is intuitive, and anyone can do it! Best yet, it’s a great lifestyle alternative, that’s sustainable and realistic. If you would like an extra push to get you started, please contact me via the usual channels. I have a comprehensive cheat sheet that outlines the best fat loss strategy phases in more detail, including an option to download the ultimate fat burning menu pack, and structure with training and fat loss. You can also find me on social if you have any questions or would like to connect.

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