The one thing that can waste time and leave you with ineffective weight loss results

I’d like you to think about the word “diet” and what mark it leaves on you. Do you feel uncomfortable about it? What words or feelings come up for you when you mention this word? I can bet that most people use terms such as; deprivation, struggle, restrictions, hunger and the like. When those words come up for you, it’s not hard to get somewhat upset or overwhelmed by it all.  The reason for the above exercise is to highlight how certain words conjure up many different feelings and emotions. When mentioning diet, I want you to ask yourself, is there more negative or positive energy directed to it? Most people will feel negative about it.  One thing I like to teach my clients is to think of diet in a completely different way. When we change our language, we also change our emotions. This is the first step in the process of so-called “dieting.” We think of it differently by asking ourselves a few different questions and finding out the overall larger vision of this goal. There is a lot of resistance that will come up for some people, and I want you to progress forward by hearing me out and allowing those feelings of resistance to hover for a while.You see, when a goal in place is to lose weight, get more muscular, change your body shape, or whatever it is, there is always a bigger game that follows on from this. Let me ask you when you achieve your goal, what next? Do you stop, or do you keep progressing?  Most people will move onto other steps along the way, and most will go back to where they were, as they don’t know where else to go. Those who get stuck didn’t have a larger goal than life and only stuck to the initial 3–6 month plans.  I want to bring home for you because a goal like weight loss, better health, changing your body shape, and anything else you may think of is a continual process that you will experience throughout your life. Don’t believe me? Well, what age are you now? And what will you be in 5–10–20 years from now? Does your goal ever stop? If it does, then you don’t have a compelling enough reason or end in mind that will see you through your lifetime. Diet is just one small part of the parcel. Yes, it’s needed, but what happens when that goal is met? Do you suddenly start reverting to what you used to eat? If that’s the case, then you will revert all the hard work and effort you did for so long. That effort means a lot, because after all, it is your life energy, and that energy we never get back. We keep moving forward to the next branch of time. Since this is called life, would it not make sense to have a “life goal” that will see us progressing throughout the span of time we do have left and keep reaching new heights. That makes your goal a lot more exciting, manageable and also keeps us accountable to see it through.  See, if we have a larger vision, we may not know how to get there, but we set the paved pathway towards getting there. What happens is our intention is now huge, lively and with lots more ambition towards it. We seek the means and the way to find out what’s needed to fulfill this goal.  As an example for you, my story dates back to being a very young child suffering from sickness. When I was about 12 years old, I met an immunologist who put me through an immune therapy program. By that stage, I was on elimination diets and taking a natural substance with all the allergens. Slowly, by taking this every day, for years, and then increasing the doses as my immune system became stronger, I was able to live a somewhat normal life. I had spent most of my childhood sick, and not do the usual things like being active, exercising, and exploring the outdoors. When you experience something like this in childhood, it makes you appreciate your health a whole lot more. Therefore, during adulthood, I would diet as anyone and have experienced many setbacks from diets not working, working very hard for short periods of time, and reverting to my normal self.  It’s at that stage where I got sick of the back and forth, the lack of results and the hard work involved in doing all of this. There had to be another way. Whilst this isn’t a thread about diets, I’d like to bring you the concept of “lifetime workmanship.” It’s a rare find these days where you purchase from a store, and you have a lifetime guarantee on the item. It will be replaced constantly when it breaks down. You get maintenance and care for the item. This is much like dieting. We go on one, we do the hard work, but where is our lifetime guarantee in all of this? There is none, yet when the diet concept breaks down, we proclaim it doesn’t work and move onto the next craze.  If we just stopped for one moment and thought of diet as an overall umbrella of “health’ instead of just what is written on the scale, our whole energy and vibration changes. We no longer experience the negativity of the “diet” world, but see that looking after ourselves, taking the care and time to create and source what we eat, as well as exercise, is actually in fact, something we can do (and should do) forever. We can’t trade in our bodies, but we can trade in those awful diets and opt for a lifetime plan instead. The plan is one that works for us, not against us.  So I urge you, not to think of your health as a 2–6 month plan, but a lifetime plan. One that you continually improve on as you age, and as any issues come up for you. Chose the simple and most natural way to do this, by eating healthy, exercising and allowing for your indulgences once in a while. It’s all about balance and catering to your own life needs, and also your wants.  There is no hard and fast rule here. I follow one eating lifestyle plan that has worked wonders. It’s not just a body shape thing for me – it’s actually a healthy thing. This is what I strive for, because without our health, no matter what we eat, our efforts will be short-lived.  I do hope this has helped you see food and eating plans differently. Get the notion out of your life now that it’s all about dieting. It’s really about your health and leading a life that you can be proud of and one in which you look the way you want. What do you need to do then, to achieve this and stick with it for life? Because as you know, we all have to make the lifetime commitment to our health, thrive, and constantly challenge our bodies. What will you do today to start this process? If you would like more detail about diet strategies, I have a comprehensive cheat sheet that outlines the best fat loss strategy phases, including downloading the ultimate fat burning menu pack, and structure with training and fat loss. You can also find me on social if you have any questions or would like to connect.

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