What are some effective interval training exercises and techniques?

Let’s look at interval training for a moment and understand what it really is. The concept as the name suggests is training at higher than normal with your cardio sessions. Quantifying as true HIIT is pushing yourself to the the highest and maximum intensity level, with every set. This is why they are short in duration, usually 20–60 seconds. Steady state cardio, or longer running or jogging sessions call for steady energy throughout the process, and can be sustained for longer periods of time.

As you have probably read in many articles, HIIT is shown to boost endurance, metabolism, regulating insulin and losing body fat. The higher intensities burn more body fat stores than your regular exercises. This is why so many people opt for intervals. You do get more bang for your buck with a lot less time.

HIIT is not only subject to cardio equipment. You can rightly create a circuit training session with kettlebells, medicine balls and doing some body weight work in between. The constant fluctuation from different exercises, as well as the non stop transitions, help to not only burn body fat, but tone, strengthen and increase lean muscle mass.

Intervals will help you burn more calories post exercise, like weight training does. The higher your oxygen consumption, the more calories you will burn during and after a session. Steady state cardio alone doesn’t have this effect. If you need a sign that you are working hard, then wait till you are out of breath. This is the trigger! Let’s look at some great options for you to throw into your workout week.

4 top interval training techniques that burn body fat, build lean muscle mass, and are a lot of fun

  1. Circuit training with strongman items. These include sled, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, skipping rope and any other strong man type of equipment you may have available to you. Creating a circuit will be effective and achievable for anyone. Pick 4–5 different pieces of equipment, and create a non stop station, starting from one exercise, until you get to the 5th one. Complete them all consecutively, as fast as you can (keeping good form of course) and then rest at set 5. Begin again for 3–4 rounds. As many as you can do for 20 minutes. Challenge yourself with this one!
  2. Getting outdoors with hill sprints. This is so effective at strengthening, toning and shredding the legs! Find a large, steep hill, and challenge yourself to run up it as fast as possible. If it’s a small hill, run up and down it for 30–90 seconds. Allow your legs to burn in the process! Not only are you outdoors getting some fresh air, you are challenging yourself with natural terrain.
  3. Stair climb. This one will really challenge your whole body and your heart in the process! If you can get to a park or stadium somewhere near your location, and smash out intervals for 20 minutes on and off on those stairs, you have conquered something huge! The great thing about this, is as you recover from your sprints, you are still exercising, by going down the stairs yet again. You are working your legs continuously. Be sure to stretch well afterwards, as you will probably be sore!
  4. Skipping rope Strapped on time for finding great locations outdoors? Why not opt for the humble, yet extremely effective skipping rope! You can even take this with you on holidays, and still get your HIIT workout done in no time. Skip as fast as you can, use one leg, then the opposite one. Try some double unders, forcing your arms to get a good workout as well. Skipping is highly underrated as a great alternative for anyone, of any age. It’s fun, easy and really gets you working hard. You will be surprised how much you will sweat as a result of this.

I do hope this helps you.
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