Are 30 min workouts effective?

Shorter, more intense bouts of exercise can be very efficient indeed. It all depends on the type of exercise you are doing. If you have only this small window of time to get the most effects, you will need to be smart about your training.

Below are some ideas for your 30 minute duration

5 effective 30 minute workouts that burn fat and increase your metabolism

  1. HIIT. HIIT is a great way to get fit, lose body fat, preserve muscle mass and get the best fat loss results in a short period of time. The great news is that you can do any kind of HIIT – anywhere. You can sprint up stairs, hills or even get on a track for some speed intervals. The trick is to sprint all out for about 30 seconds, then rest for about 1 minute. Keep doing this for the duration of 20–30 minutes. Whatever time allows of you. You will burn more calories within that session, and create an after-burn effect. HIIT can be performed up to 3 times per week.
  2. Circuit training. You can create a very powerful and intense workout with a range of equipment that’s available in your gym setting. Try gathering kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, skipping rope, some bands and even a sled. Create a strategic circuit that uses all of these, and continue to go from station to station without stopping, until you get to the last exercise. You can time this for 30 minutes, making sure you complete a certain number of sets. This will help push you towards having shorter rest periods, which increases your rate of caloric burn.
  3. Trir-setting with weights. I love tir-setting! Pick 3 exercises to do back to back. Make sure they are combining push and pull for the best effects. You will lift the weight and perform these 3 exercises back to back until you have completed the sets indicated. Pick one muscle group so that the next day you can smash out another. This is a great way to build muscle, strength and get leaner, all within the same workout!
  4. Shorten your rest periods when you lift weights. A great way to get your workout done a lot faster, is to decrease the amount of time you are resting in between exercises. A great method I use is to time yourself. I think 15 seconds is a great space to allow a sip of water and to gather your momentum again for the next round. Give this one a try, and your workout will be complete in no time.

A good workout is better than a long one that was one spent scrolling through your phone. If you are working out for shorter periods of time, make sure the phone is only used as a timer, or to help you change your playlist! When you get rid of distractions, you will be better able to work out in the most efficient and beneficial way.

I do hope this helps you, and good luck on your journey.
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