The key to burning belly fat for good…

There is one crucial factor that many people fail to realise when it comes to fat loss – or belly fat for that matter. It’s not a matter of how much you exercise, or what kind of exercising you are doing. The first and most important factor when it comes to fat loss is.. drum roll. Your diet! You can do all the exercises that are outlined in books, on training website and featured on YouTube. None of them will affect your belly fat unless you change your diet. I wanted to stress the importance of this because too many people somehow think that running will help them with weight loss, whilst they eat whatever they want. Scarce are those individuals who can do this (I don’t know of any). When it comes to nutrition and losing belly fat for that matter, I would look no further than using Intermittent fasting as your best strategy. It’s a simple, easy and effective way to lose body fat, especially in the belly. Hormones play a significant part in eliminating body fat, and intermittent fasting will help you with balancing your hormones. I won’t go into the many ways you can do this, but feel free to visit my website for more in-depth blog posts on this very subject. Once you have your nutrition in place, and you begin to experience the fasting journey, you will see great results – even without exercise. Exercise is used to the enhancement of your fat loss results. You want to lose that belly fat, but you also want to define and sculpt your shape as well.Running and cardio can do so much on this front. HIIT is a great alternative, as it builds muscle mass, endurance and strength. This is something I recommend you do about 2–3 times per week max. What I was hoping you could think about in more depth are the fantastic results which weight training can have on changing your body and getting rid of those fat storage units all over your body.Weights too have a significant effect on hormones, helping your body to shift from fat storage to fat burning. It will move your body towards using fat for energy, herby eliminating fat all over your body, as well as enhancing the shape of your muscles. A lot of people mistake cardio as the only way to lose weight. Too much cardio can decrease your muscle mass even further and then set your basal metabolic rate even lower. You want to increase your baseline metabolic rate by increasing your muscle mass and losing fat via proper nutrition, weight training and intermittent fasting. These three combinations are your best strategy when it comes to losing body fat. Slowly, your body will change shape, your energy will increase, and your confidence will soar. It’s undoubtedly the best feeling when you’ve accomplished your goals without backtracking, and too many setbacks along the process. Of course, now, it’s a bit challenging to weight train, as most of us are still in lock-down. Focus instead on your intermittent fasting plan and implement some bodyweight or band exercises. I have a lot of these resources as well if you are interested. Concentrate on what you can do, and when the gyms open, make it a goal to practice your strength training exercises, and add them to your fat loss tool belt. I do hope this has helped you somewhat. I truly believe that fasting, weight training and a little bit of HIIT will help you lose the body fat you wish and change your shape. Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any way.

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