Why dieting is built for failure

It’s pretty normal to dislike the idea of diet, based on what we’ve all come to signify it with. Dieting is usually thought of as a task that requires too much self-discipline, no flexibility and deprivation from the foods we love. It may also mean a lack of social interactions because, for some people, it may become more challenging to resist natural temptation around others eating diet forbidden foods.
I know I used to detest the whole dieting journey and hated telling people that I was on a “diet.” You will probably experience a lot of negative backlashes if you resist certain types of food because you are on a so-called “diet.” I bet you know what I’m talking about! You feel the need to sit and explain why you are doing this and then experience disempowering remarks. It’s not fun, and I used to want just to run away screaming!
My longest and the most strict diet of all time was during the preparation phase of my bodybuilding journey. Gee, when I think about it now, it was tough as anything – but I did it. I was successful in sticking with the plan, even though I experienced a lot of negativity, distress, and many setbacks because I had a larger goal in mind. It wasn’t only about changing my body; it was to prove that I could do it and that I would come out strong. I’ve always thought of my goals as something that would change my lifestyle (and life) for the better, and they have always helped my stick-ability during the callous times.
I believe that the path towards just losing weight is boring and insignificant. There isn’t a significant intention backing that to ignite the passion and drive inside of you. Therefore, I would always recommend aiming your intention so high that it would be virtually impossible to attain it. I know that sounds scary, but it works!
Instead of just aiming for low-end weight loss, what about if you intended to eliminate some ailment you have. Maybe it’s diabetes or the onset of something else that you may be susceptible to. What if it was for you to live longer, more abundantly, and experience life to its full potential. I don’t know about you, but I intend to keep my body and mind active, so this goal on its own is a lot more incredible and inspiring than just weight loss.
Find something that will inspire you to become great, to want to reach out and pull yourself towards it. Once you have this, then your motivation will barely lack, and you will move towards where you are, to success.
But it must be huge and a goal you can chip away at a day in day out for life.
A healthy weight and toned body shape isn’t an overnight success. It requires daily commitment and drives to keep moving forward. Things do get in the way of your progress. Perhaps you become sick, or someone in your family does. Anything along the journey called “life” can happen. But those who have a larger “why” than most people could fall backwards instantly when terror strikes, but they will gather their wits and begin the journey again. Think of any world-class athlete, and they will tell you a thing or two.
If I can leave you with one thing, being healthy and having a functioning body with its intricate systems operating consecutively to keep you alive is the most beautiful thing in the world. Treasure it, because that is what you have to take you where you want to go.
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