The best kept secret to building muscle – fast

Rest periods between workouts can quickly become manipulated depending on what you would like to achieve. I’m going to go against the usual grain in terms of training and tell you that you can (and should) think about working out twice a day, two times per month, in addition to your 3–4 times per week workout. Is this training super tough? Yes, it sure is and will give you superior growth as well (if executed correctly). It’s not for the faint-hearted of us. Going back to my bodybuilding phase, I intended always to put on muscle mass whilst staying lean. The best way I could do this was to focus primarily on weight training – using many effective methods (which I won’t go into during this post) and training twice a day. Twice a day training is one of the most effective ways to build muscle mass, get lean, and increase any muscles that may be stagnant. The method is to decide what growth potential your body is currently experiencing, and then decide that you will spend once or twice a month training twice a day to bring those muscle groups towards their full potential. Each of us carries a different muscle mass, usually apparent on some body parts more than others. If you find it relatively easy to build your hamstrings and lack calf growth, your twice a day training may include a calf building phase. To this day, my weakest link has always been hamstrings and glutes. It’s not natural for me to increase size quickly. Therefore, twice a day of training helped me enhance these and allowed me to have a more symmetrically proportional body. This is essential when you are competing (and something You are judged upon on stage). 

Four essentials steps that increasing strength and muscle size super fast

  1. Pick a muscle you is weak and needs some extra loving torment. Commit to working for this muscle group twice a day, two times per month.
  2. Start with 20-minute workouts spaced between 4 to 6 hours apart. When you become accustomed to the volume, then increase by 10-minute intervals but not exceeding 60 minutes.
  3. In the morning, use heavyweights (4–6 reps); at night, lighter weights with higher reps is very effective (sets of 12–15). For strength building, focus on the 1–3 rep range in the morning. Make it healthy. At night, max out on eight reps only.
  4. You can train the same body part twice a day (if you dare!) Train multi-joint movements in the morning and then single-joint activities in the afternoon. Multi joining muscle groups use most muscles on your body (deadlifts etc.); a single joint is isolated movements (biceps curls).
  5. The best tip of all – make sure your nutrition is where it should be. Training twice a day takes a lot out of your nervous system. Therefore, extra rest and high levels of food are required. Don’t go too crazy – eat a bit more carbs or protein. Then assess your physique. But you will need to take extra days off from the gym and include stretching and walking as much as possible.

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