Six stupid limiting beliefs people still hold today about diet and exercise

The outdated is wide spread amongst many trying to lose weight

I can think of outdated myths, even in this day and age, with Google at our fingertips as a research mechanism; people are still doing the same thing over and over again. It’s excruciating to see this in the gym, even more so that it breeds ignorance towards the limiting belief that the gym does not work for them! Let’s check out some of the excuses I’ve heard people use throughout the years. 

Six limiting beliefs people have about diet and exercise

One: Cardio is the only way for me to lose weight

I stand my ground here in telling you the importance of weight training as a critical strategy towards weight loss. The theory is that weights trigger hormones that enhance fat burning and the usage of body fat as a source of energy. Over time, this increases your insulin sensitivity, builds muscle and increases your fat-burning potential at rest. It also alters your body shape and makes you feel amazing! Excessive cardio leaves most of us feeling lethargic and struggling to get through the day. In addition, weights increase our onset muscle soreness, which is unpleasant, indicating how beneficial our workout was. 

Two: If I overeat fat, I’ll get fat as well

As we will mention in the macro count below, fat is essential for our body, and it has a thermal effect, which raises our body temperature — triggering our bodies to burn fat. The fats you should be eating are; salmon, nuts, avocado, cold-pressed olive oil and coconut oil. The only fat that enhances the size of your fat cells is the trans variety. Unfortunately, that is found in most proceed foods, giving you a double whammy of fat-storing calories. 

Three: If I eat less, then I’ll lose weight

Cutting calories over long periods is never a sustainable option and rarely produces the results you want. Deprivation and being excessively hungry for days is not an enjoyable life, and it also makes us irritable, moody, and awful to hang around with. Eating fewer calories for long periods decreases our muscle mass, making our metabolisms sluggish, and increasing our chances of putting on even more body fat. At some stage, exercise won’t help — and this is the most disheartening part of calorie restriction. Focus on eating well, not less. Meals with protein, carbs and fats will keep your blood sugar stable, increase satiety, and provide your body with an environment to burn fat stores. One other way to lose large amounts of body fat without caloric restriction is by opting to fast instead. Yes, this does restrict calories, but for a window of time. The body uses stored fat for fuel, heals and becomes more metabolically flexible. It’s a miracle lifestyle plan, and I recommend looking into it.


Four: I can eat what I like if it fits into my macro count for the dayYes, this does work somewhat, but it’s not your best plan of action, and it doesn’t help you set proper long term food goals either. The body processes foods in different ways. Each calorie from the essential macronutrients (carbs, fat and protein) provide different reactions to our bodies. First, think of the thermal effect protein has and its ability to build and maintain muscle mass. Then we have fat, which can stimulate the burning of calories. Omega 3 is one of them, as it raises body temperature, which leads to burning more calories. We should consider the energy factor. If you eat a chocolate bar, it’s going to make you feel a lot more sluggish than eggs — and definitely won’t satisfy your hunger for long. All of these options need to be weighed upon your personal, individual goals.
 Five: This never works for me
People always use this excuse, and it’s pretty bad advice when spread around mindlessly in and outside the gym. It does not work for most people because they are either:

  • Doing the wrong kind of exercise in the wrong way.
  • Not eating an optimal diet, so they assume going to the gym eliminates fat gain.

It’s my most hated belief because I know how someone looks if they train and eat correctly. To achieve the outcome you want is by first knowing what that is, then finding out what you need to do in and outside the gym walls to make it happen. Planning and executing your goals takes commitment, patience and motivation. To bypass this stage yourself, instil the help of a qualified trainer that actually looks like they train — and does so correctly. Then, view how well they coach their clients. When you observe a trainer’s technique, the way they look, and the clients’ results, it’s usually a great indication you are in the hands of an expert.


Six: I can’t squat or deadlift heavy because I’ll damage my knees.Compound movements like deadlifting and squatting are the best forms of exercise, which alter your body composition and give you that overall lean, toned and shapely physique. Squatting full range can be a lot more challenging, and you may have to use less weight, but it’s a key area for developing a greater degree of movement and strengthening your spine and knees. Deadlifts are an important movement in human life. We are constantly picking up and putting down objects. Doing this correctly by bending your knees and maintaining an arch in your lower back is the key. It just takes a bit of mindful practice over time. When you squat and deadlift, you will:

  1. – Accelerate strength development
  2. – Lose body fat and gain muscle
  3. – Develop a more balanced physique whilst eliminating joint pain

While many excuses these days are legitimate, most are not applicable in this day and age. The best advice I can give is to eliminate the confusion via search engines and seek professional help. That may include a personal trainer, nutritionist, chiropractor or physio. There are so many experts in the field that finding the answers is just a question away. Don’t let outdated and false excuses stop you from taking steps to gain all that you can from proper nutrition and exercise. You have too much to gain and a lot to lose. If you would like to read more articles like this or start writing your own, please sign up via my link. I’d love to see you on the other side.Sign up here for your medium subscription

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