How do you remind yourself every day to make good choices in terms of weight loss and fitness?

Starting out on this journey is not an easy one.

We are riddled with self doubt and unsure of what to do, second guessing our efforts and becoming overwhelmed at the best of times.

I know how you feel. We all have to start so where, and that is usually the first step. Getting on this one is a promise to yourself that you will be committed to learning as much as you can, and making the right choices on a daily basis, in order to achieve your goals.

I will go through a valuable list that works well for me, and perhaps can give you, as well as all other interested readers, some tips and strategies that will be extremely helpful.

6 powerful steps that will make fitness and weight loss second nature:

  1. Set goals. Before you embark on any journey, you need a concrete plan. Why do you want to become fit? Why do you want to lose weight? Why is it important to you? What will you gain as a result of achieving your goal? Peel back the layers of your answers, always asking why and why. This will get you to your ultimate intention. When you have this, you can use it as a vision in your mind that will further assist to in making the right food and lifestyle choices. You will be amazed at the power this has! This is the awesomeness of sheer intent!
  2. Plan out your meals. Spend some time searching for great recipes online, and really decide what you will make for the week. Set out your shopping list from that and get all the ingredients. Spend some time preparing for the week ahead. I usually do this on a Sunday. I have my salad all chopped and ready in a large container, which I allocate every couple of days in my portable containers. Cook your protein sources in advance, or add extra protein when you are cooking dinner. If you are pressed for time, boil a bunch of eggs or make frittatas in muffin tins (plus add your favourite veggies). Make it as simple as possible. Play around with some options and add variety by using spices, even mustard. Always be prepared on a daily basis, so you have no excuse in buying take away and overeating (or eating the wrong foods!). Put yourself in a position to win at all times.
  3. Make it simpler and easier for yourself. That means, don’t get bogged down by quick weight loss scams or so called supplement shakes. Stick to tried and tested strategies what work because they are effective long term. These simple but effective strategies are:-
    – Protein sources with each meal
    – Cruciferous veggies with each meal
    – Stay hydrated and drink lots of water
    – Make weight training for conditioning your main focus at the gym
    – Your cardio should be interval training only
    – Stay active through the day. Try not to sit down for prolonged periods of time
  4. Get a personal trainer. The value they can bring to your health and fitness goals is worth the investment. Personal trainers know what kind of diet you should have, what training program is effective, and are there for you along the journey. You will always have questions and need support throughout the journey, and that’s what they are here for. Learn from them, stick to your programs and eating plan, then watch how much you progress long term.
  5. Be disciplined and stick to the plan. There will be times you don’t want to eat well, or want to skip your workout. This is normal, and we all have these moments. The key thing here is: Are you willing to slack off for days, and be happy with yourself after this period, or riddled with guilt? In my opinion, it’s not worth undoing all the hard work you have pushed yourself to achieve. One day on the bender, a couple of times a week, isn’t going to do much damage. But constantly slacking off, eating the wrong foods and not exercising, will have a huge impact on your results. There is no point in doing something if it’s going to be a hard arse effort. You are in, or you’re not. It’s that simple. Show consistency and discipline at all times.
  6. It’s not a race. Weight loss and fitness habits take some time to show up as results. This is going to be a journey, and it will happen when the time is right. There is no quick fix, no fast track way, it’s for your body to respond when it’s ready, that is the right time. Don’t even waste a moment on crash diets or magic pills. Believe me when I say, if you work hard at the gym, rest and eat really well (plus having some cheat meals) It will all come together for you, and you will wake up one day, noticing how much you’ve changed. Keep it simple and stick to the plan. It will happen for you.

I do hope these tips and tricks help to get you back into fat burning and weight loss mode if you have been experiencing a plateau

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