7 steps to eliminate food self-sabotage

It happens to the best of us. We are on a great roll, and then something snaps inside of us. It could be that we may or may not be getting the results we want, or we say to ourselves “what the heck, I’ve been so good. One more treat won’t hurt.” And then it goes on and on, with the indulgences, until we are back to where we started. Then it is frustrating, and we begin to tell ourselves so many negative things. This makes us binge out even more so! When does this cycle end?

7 steps to eliminate food self-sabotage.

  1. Identify the trigger inner dialogue: First of all, the key is to realise this is coming up for you at any given time. When you are aware of the trigger, or the thoughts that run through your head, ask yourself “what am I frightened of?” The answer to this question is not a surface issue. The surface issue is just a buffer that’s hiding the real, underlying problem. Maybe you are scared or think that you won’t be able to maintain your body’s conditioning. Perhaps you are afraid of losing that protective barrier that’s kept you safe and out of harm’s way. Get our your journal, and write down what comes up for you. Delve in more in-depth, and look for what happened on that particular day, at that time, which brought up this feeling for you. Let it all out and don’t be afraid. You will feel a sense of release when this is out of your system.
  2. Realise the issue for what it is, and release it: Whatever the underlying problem may be, writing it down will release the secret, the hidden aspect of what is going on. Take the time to breathe through it, and understand that it’s ok to feel this way. It’s ok to let it all out, to realise it finally, after all this time. Please be kind to yourself. I know it’s tough to face this, but it’s all part of your journey. We need to face what is happening to move through it, and past it.
  3. Forgive yourself for thinking and feeling this way: I know that you don’t like feeling or thinking this way. No one want’s to sabotage their results. Deep down we all know we deserve something more and we want it more than anything. It’s ok to have moments like this, where you are afraid. There are times where we all get in the way of the results we want.
  4. Forgive others for what they may have said or done to you: Now, this one Is important. If your underlying issue is something a person said or did, there is some forgiveness work that needs to be implemented. This is not to condone what the person did, as they may not even know you feel this way. It’s for you to release this harmful emotion that is bringing on negative thoughts and self-sabotage into your life. Think of what was said or done to you, and repeat with a deep breath “I thank you, I forgive you, and I am ready to release this from my life.” Keep breathing and releasing your breath deeply. Let it go..
  5. Ask yourself this important question when making the food choice “Is it going to allow me to feel good about myself?” If the answer is only yes for instant gratification and because you’ve had a bad day or week, then really long and hard about the effects when this wears off. What I’m suggesting here, is if the food is a well-intentioned treat, and one that you can have in conjunction with a balanced diet, then yes, it will help make you feel great. A full-on binge all every day on junk non-stop will not make you feel right long term. The tricks are to feel good about the choices we make about our food, on a day to day basis. To indulge in the things we love with conscious awareness and mindfulness. To enjoy this moment with friends, having a glass of wine and a great meal. This is what it’s all about. It’s got to make you feel good and not bring on guilt.
  6. It’s ok to have a challenging day and to move on quickly. Now, seeing as we are on the subject of our feelings and food choices, I’m here to tell you that you will have those challenging days. We all have them, and we all go through different emotional stages at one time or another (especially when it’s that time of the month). What we need to do is be aware of those moments or days, and be very kind to ourselves at that moment. One day is not going to inflict any damage on us. Just realise it for what it is, and move on quickly and easily the following day. Even the fittest and highly disciplined athletes go through this. We are all human, after all.
  7. Praise yourself for the remarkable progress you are making daily. It’s so important to be useful to yourself. Making positive food choices daily is something to be acknowledged and praised. You are on the pathway towards abundant health and well being, not to mention a trim physique. As small as the chances are, it’s a change heading in a positive direction. Make sure you are aware of this daily and allow yourself to become proud. After the initial stages wear off, it will become second nature when making positive choices. Well done on the journey so far, and I look forward to coming along with you towards the journey ahead

Xx ange oo

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