Why should people generally avoid eating sugar?

The problem with sugar these days, is that it’s contained in virtually everything we purchase in a supermarket, or health store. It can be in the sauces we use, snacks or even in meat and vegetable prepared items. It’s something we really need to take into consideration, when trying to avoid added sugar.

All this sugar consumption adds up and can become an even bigger problem long term. This can result in obesity and diabetes.

The guideline for added sugar intake is less than 10% per day.

Natural and un-natural sugar

Now, it’s very important to distinguish the difference between added sugars, and those that occur naturally in most fruit and vegetables. Vegetables and fruit are healthy, containing both water, fibre and not to mention vitamins, minerals and nutrients. These are actually ok, and in fact, provide many benefits for your overall health and longevity.

The added sugar is what you need to be very mindful of, and they are almost always in all processed foods that are baked or made by some kind of machine.

Why people avoid it – and so should all of us

The main reason why people avoid added sugar is because it makes you gain weight at a rapid rate. Even beverages with a ‘sugar free’ alternative have the ability to do this, because of their reaction to our bodies.

Excessive fructose consumption increases your hunger, therefore, you are more likely to eat above the necessary amount, leading to resistance to leptin (which is the hormone that regulates your hunger). This is what feeds the obesity cycle.

When consuming added sugar, it’s so easy to overindulge in it, because it does not have the ability to fill you up like vegetables, protein and fruit do.

The effects on our skins condition

What about the terrible effect it has on our skin? The acne it can cause, not only for children, but in adults is phenomenal. Sugar type foods spikes our insulin levels, leading to increased secretion of oil and inflammation on the skin. This all ties in to the development of acne. Do you get a pimple on your face after you consume a refined sugar treat? I know I do!

What about the mood swings?

The highs and lows of refined sugar consumption is very real. It also increases your risk of developing depression. Sugar is in fact, as effective as a drug! Researchers believe that blood sugar swings, neurotransmitter dysfunction and inflammation may all be reasons for sugar’s detrimental effect on mental health (27)

And then there is ageing skin..

Wrinkles are natural, and its a part of the ageing process, however, poor food choices (such as refined sugars) have the ability to worsen the effects of ageing, decreasing the amount of collagen and elastin. This results in losing of the skin. The good news is that when you consume a more natural diet of vegetables, good fats and protein, you can repair the damage. (32).

As you can see from this post and all the others, avoiding added sugar is essential for good health and wellbeing. Of course, one treat wont do the world of damage, it’s consistently indulging in it on a daily basis that does the damage.

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