6 reasons why you should never give up that morning cup of glory

Six reasons why you should never give up that morning cup of glory

Coffee is the wonder of life and the best start to everyone’s morning

I can never start my day without a cup of coffee. It’s usually the same daily — Almond milk cappuccino, extra hot with an added shot. One shot is never enough for me. I need a more significant boost than most people. Then, at 3 pm, it’s a black coffee.

Coffee leaves me in a jittery mess without decent food a couple of hours later. My endless cups of hot water come into the mix to help me balance that out. You already know that coffee is the world’s most consumed beverage. Here are some loving reasons to keep up with your caffeine habit for as long as possible.

Woman Enjoying Her Coffee
Woman Enjoying Her Coffee

Six Reasons To Never Give Up The Essential Juice Of Life! 

One: It’s helpful for anyone who wants to lose or maintain weight

The University of Georgia found that women who drank more caffeine when dieting had more energy levels and a specific decrease in hunger. On the negative side, when it comes to obese people, caffeine is said to cause weight gain. 

Coffee consumption can go either way, and it also doesn’t help if you drink Star Bucks coffee filled with sugar, cream, and other high-calorie ingredients instead of black coffee. These small things add up to more or fewer calories consumed daily and govern weight loss or gain. The good news is that most studies say coffee consumption does aid in weight loss.

Two: It’s a great pre-workout without the chemicals store-bought formulas have

I have used black coffee as my most preferred and successful pre-workout formula. Not only does it help increase my alertness, stamina and drive, but it also gives me that much-needed staying power to keep lifting heavy. 

I have used pre-workouts before, and they left me flat, bloated, filled with gas and unable to get the same effect as caffeine. If you have a sensitive stomach, use coffee as your go-to pre-workout fuel source. Stock standard drinks are filled with too many additives that might hinder and harm your workouts instead of moving the needle upward.

Three: It helps boost our mood and energy in the mornings

I don’t have to sell you this one because coffee does something special for all of us. It helps you feel more alert, social, and awake than you would be without it.

So, it is no surprise that coffee has become somewhat of a cultural thing for most of us. It’s possibly the one thing we can all rely on to get us through the initial morning and afternoon slump that the daily grind seems to bring.

Woman drinking the cup of life in her home
Woman drinking the cup of life in her home

Four: It increases the functioning of our brain

Coffee has an abundance of antioxidants, and other added nutrients that help improve our brain function. You would have seen this in action after having your morning cup. But that’s not the only thing coffee does; it protects your brain against the inevitable age-related decline. That caffeine boost helps to increase your alertness, improve short-term memory loss and halt cognitive decline.

Five: It protects our precious heart health

Coffee can lower our blood pressure; unfortunately, the decaffeinated variety doesn’t provide as much protection as caffeine. However, coffee can also allow protection against coronary artery disease. There is much conflicting evidence that blood pressure may increase with coffee consumption, but recent findings show that it’s inaccurate. Instead, coffee can help lower blood volume, affecting your blood pressure. That’s a bonus offered to protect that heart of yours. 

Six: It helps calm our nerves and mental health

Coffee has some beautiful properties, including helping to calm our anxious or stressed selves. 

Perhaps it’s also the ritual of embracing a nice cup of coffee on a cold day or sitting in a cafe to people-watch our problems away. As well as calming us, coffee can improve focus and concentration and help us get through challenging study or work projects. So you can depend on keeping the sharpness alive by filling in your 3 pm slump with a nice cup of coffee. 

Coffee is a great beverage and should not be eliminated if you enjoy drinking coffee. On the contrary, you are doing your health a massive favour by consuming coffee regularly. Whether you know it or not, it’s boosting cognitive health and lowering blood pressure.

Drinking coffee will help you achieve that goal if you want to lose weight. Drinking black coffee often is the key to controlling your weight and stabilising your health. 

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