Should you do more cardio or weight training after age 40?

To get a physique that’s balanced and symmetrical, it’s best to use both weight training and cardio as your training strategy.

 Most people will naturally move towards one or the other, which is perfectly fine. We all have different goals we would like to target. I prefer weight training over endless cardio that tires me out. Weight training helps me to achieve my goals at a faster rate. My cardio is still important, but it tends to be light and manageable, and it’s something I can do several times a day without compromising my health and energy levels. You want to find a good balance which allows you to have flexibility. Sometimes weight training takes a lot of stamina and energy – much more than a one hour walk in the park. When I’ve had a very stressful working day, have been up working late or someone in my family is sick, it can be tough to muster up enough energy to perform an empowering weight training session. Sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons of getting some injury because you were too tired to perform a repetition as accurately as possible.  As we get older, it’s essential to keep weight training a high priority. That reason being is because, after the age of 25, we tend to lose muscle mass. As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it!Many people blame “being over 40” as a reason they start to accumulate fat stores all over their bodies. Let me tell you; this is not the main reason why we get fatter as we age. The problem is that we become lazier, skip the gym and decide not to train because of this or that reason. It’s effortless for one day to turn into months, and then overeating each and every day slowly.  From my own experience, I would recommend that you keep up with your low impact cardio daily, for your inner well-being, and your cardiovascular health. You don’t have to run a mile, but do something you enjoy. Maybe that means jogging, riding your bike, or even walking. Walking is my favourite form of exercise. It’s something I can do during the day, morning, lunchtime and evening. It’s a therapeutic outlet for stress during the day.  Weight training is essential at least 3–4 times per week. Building your muscle and increasing the intensity of your weights all play a part in building muscle mass and protecting your bones from fractures. You will soon realise that your body is toned and tight. As we age, that seems to disappear little by little. Weight training will help keep you in great shape for many years to come. That’s why I put higher preferences on training often with weights. There are more long term benefits for my body and health than doing cardio sessions that deplete my energy levels and compromise my immune system.  I do hope this has been somewhat useful and has helped you make a decision about how you prefer to train. I would love you to upvote it if you did. Please also join me on my various social platforms and do go ahead and download your new year’s resolution pack – which has 7 days of free nourishing recipes. I’m also on Instagram

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