Should I stop doing cardio?

Cardio can be a good and bad thing at the same time. If you are only performing cardio on a daily basis, and not any strengthening or conditioning exercise, then you are missing out on a lot of benefits.

I know I always diss cardio, and that’s because to an extent, it doesn’t really make a difference to your body shape after a while. It actually has the reverse effect if you are constantly on the treadmill for hours, or pushing yourself to a point of exhaustion. The only people who should be doing this are athletes preparing for an event. For us average people with limited time and want our workouts to be as efficient as possible, we have to take another route that’s results driven, and sustainable.

What other options are there?

To get the most out of your workout, and change your body shape, you must, must and must again, lift weights. I know this may be daunting for those who have never touched a dumbbell, but with anything we take on in our lives, repetition and education is what will grow your skill and confidence. This is how everyone did it, and I’m speaking from a place of complete life experience here. I was in this space too once, being the cardio bunny and scared of the weights. Once I started working out with a personal trainer, and my body shape changed due to lifting weights, I began to absolutely LOVE the process. I wish I had made this transition sooner.

I highly recommend investing in a proper, skilled personal trainer, who actually looks like they train and knows what they are doing. Just look at their physique and the way they train – and you will just know. Work with them so they can teach you the ropes, and then take the plunge on your own. Or, you may like to train with someone indefinitely.

You will not regret the wonderful changes in your body, the progression of great health and strength that will incur, once you start lifting weights.

Cardio should only be a very low impact process, preferably walking. If you do have body fat to extinguish, use diet as your main strategy. Fast 3–4 times per week, or every day! I do this, and no longer have to worry about body fat and cellulite anymore. Of course, I’m watching my macros, making sure I get enough food, and weight training as much as possible. Diet is the key to fat loss, and weights is the key to changing your overall body shape.

I do get it, there are those who want to do cardio, and that’s fine. For you folks, please resort to HIIT 2 times per week for a maximum of 20 minutes per session. Any more would be detrimental to your fat loss and muscle building goals.

Tweak as you go along, and alter as needed. There is no right or wrong method here. Too much of something will cause health issues later on. Balance and conscious awareness of what’s happening to your body, is key here.

And remember you can’t out train a bad diet with cardio. Don’t even bother with that. Watch what you eat most of the time, and indulge once or twice a week. Eating junk food every day is not good for your health or wellbeing. Imagine the changes you will make just by eating a bit better, fasting and weight training. You can thank all of us who encourage this practice later. Feel free to keep in touch via my website or join me on fb and insta social. Please upvote this answer if it has been useful in some way to you.

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