Ten facts on cardio and its effects on fat loss

Depending on what kind of cardio you are doing, it can help you with fat loss; there is no doubt about that. The only thing that can cause actual fat gain is when the energy we consume is greater than the energy leaving it. Cardio does cause some energy to leave the body – which creates a deficit.

We do have some situations in which doing cardio and other ingrained habits, that can cause the likely hood of gaining weight, or not losing weight at all. What we need to understand is that cardio is not the main culprit here.

Below I’ll highlight some points about cardio, which will help you and everyone else to understand its effects on the body, and what benefits or downfalls it may have to achieve fat and weight loss over time.

Ten essential facts about cardio and its effects on fat loss

  1. Aerobics is a great place to start if you are new to exercise or overweight. Cardio is an excellent form of exercise, as it burns calories during and within your recovery period. You move your body towards burning body fat for energy, instead of carb-burning. This is excellent news, as it’s pushing our bodies to become more metabolically flexible, which over time, will lead to more body fat loss. For those that are overweight, starting on this kind of program will increase the likelihood of weight loss, and will give you a good start in transitioning to something more effective and beneficial long term.
  2. Over time, our body adapts to this kind of exercise, making it less effective. As you may experience this from your training, as you get better, you need to increase the distance, train harder and faster – or else there is no way to keep up those initial metabolic benefits. The amount of volume you would have to do, leads to diminishing returns, increasing the likelihood of muscle being burned as fuel, hormonal imbalance due to increased stress on the body.
  3. More cardio leads to increased hunger and inevitable food consumption. You can’t help it, cardio makes you a lot hungrier than usual, and many people, unfortunately, tend to eat more. There are also many misconceptions about refuelling. This may lead to huge consumption of high glycaemic foods. This will halt and inhibit fat-burning – making our efforts pretty much a waste of time. If you are doing some light exercise, you most likely won’t need to fuel up as much as someone running 10K etc. This is just something to consider because our chosen nutrition plays a big part in inhibiting an increasing our caloric burn potential.
  4. Elevated cortisol – Makes you less likely to lose body fat. High cortisol levels cause your body to store fat, makes you resistant to insulin and causes inflammation. This, therefore, stops our bodies ability to burn fat for energy. Cortisol induces cravings of those high carb, refined sugar treats. This is a hormone imbalance, and not likely to occur in people who are not plagued by chronic stress. Stress leads to growth hormone and testosterone suppression. This factor leads to fat gain, especially in the belly and trunk area.
  5. When you couple of high cortisol with cardio, you are more likely to gain fat. Just doing excessive cardio alone can increase cortisol. This is why, as a long-term strategy; cardio is not your best option to choose.

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