How far can I get by starting to work out at 40?

40 is the new 20’s!

Never doubt that you can, and will, when training effectively, have the potential to achieve your goals.

What do you want to achieve? This is an important question, as it will determine where you should place your focus.

There are plenty of regular and everyday people that one day decided they wanted to change their lives, to get fit, be healthy and achieve their potential. Age has not been a limiting factor in their vocabulary. In fact, you are a baby compared to these people:

Meet Ernestine

She began weight training at age 56, she is now currently in her 80s!

Ernestine and her sister were unhappy with their bodies and decided to join a gym in the hope of changing their physiques. Ernestine was immediately hooked on the weights (surprise, surprise) but really wanted to prove to women that just because you lift weights, doesn’t mean you will look like a man!

Before long, both sisters would always train together, swapping gym clothes and cross coordinating for fun.

Ernestine’s sister was later diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and before her death, made Ernestine promise that she would continue to motivate others and land a spot in the Guinness book of world records. Ernestine has been moving towards achieving her higher purpose ever since.

In 2010 she was titles the world’s oldest female body builder and headed to Rome to receive her medal. A year later, E. Wilma Conner overtook Ernie as the oldest female body builder. Instead of letting this get to her, she felt grateful to have inspired many others to make training a part of their life, no matter what age.

Although Ernie has a gruelling fitness regime, and functions on only 3 hours of sleep, she admits that it’s thoroughly enjoyable and that she feels motivated to keep going. She continues to run her fitness classes and living a healthy lifestyle to inspire others that they too can achieve anything – no matter what age.

Final note

Now, if this woman doesn’t inspire you to get on with it, and build up your fitness right now, I’m not sure what else will. I believe that when one has a goal, a higher purpose to live up to, then anything can and will be possible for them. The question is, what’s your motivator?

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