Men — Higher Body Fat Can Cause One Major Problem As You Age

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Most men may dismiss this as a “woman’s” condition when they are susceptible.

I am biased when comparing the health differences between men and women. We ought to be different — as our genetics split us down the line. But, in saying that, there is something men should not dismiss as merely a condition saved for women during menopause. It’s one thing that can take you by surprise — if you are overweight. The research analysed the bone mineral density of over 10K people aged over 60 years. They found an influential positive association between lean mass and bone mineral density in men and women. Fat mass had a slightly negative association with bone mineral density — especially in men. Rajesh K. Jain, M.D. states, “We found that higher fat mass was related to lower bone density, and the trends were more robust in men than women.  Our research suggests that body weight depends on a person’s lean and fat mass makeup and that high body weight alone is not a guarantee against osteoporosis.”

Key takeaways

“Health care providers should schedule osteoporosis screening for those with higher body weight, especially if they are over a particular age, history of fractures or steroid use.” Jain Said. In light of this information, men should be very mindful of weight gain as they mature — over 60 and have a family history of osteoporosis. Women have osteoporosis due to hormonal shifts. Still, both men and women can take matters into their own hands by strengthening their bone density and altering their diet and lifestyle to bypass this debilitating condition. Here are some options for you to consider. It’s never too late to start — despite how old you are. The right time was yesterday, but the second-best time is right now. 

One: Increase your vitamin D levels

It’s best to have your vitamin D levels checked regularly, as that can deplete quite substantially as we age and lead to deficiency. In addition, your body needs both calcium and vitamin D to make new bone. 

Two: Train your bones

It’s more important than ever to stay active throughout your life consistently. Bones require applied stress to increase strength and eliminate their potential to become frail and susceptible to fractures. It’s vital to combine strength training as well as walking or jogging. It’s essential to get a variety of activities during your day. Weight training 3–4 times a week and daily incidental activities are effective at combating osteoporosis and helping you lead a much healthier life. 

Three: Limit alcohol and don’t smoke

Alcohol can impair your brain function and concentration — perhaps leading to a fall that can fracture your bones. On the other hand, smoking also increases bone loss, and I don’t have to sell you all the other detrimental downfalls. Quitting today is the best way to gain health and well-being benefits. 

Four: Diet and lifestyle habits

Picking the best quality foods and sticking to healthy eating habits are essential. This is your first step towards combating obesity and flourishing your body with the best quality nutrients. Always go for the most seasonal fresh foods daily, including greens, fruit, protein and lots of plant-based goodness. 


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